Its kinda embarassing..I'm standing here with my mate Kelly, on the corner of the street waiting for him to arrive. Thing is I can barely remember what he looks like. Last night I'd had a few too many and this morning well.. I rushed out as soon as I could because I felt like death and I was still wearing yesterday's clothes and make up.

Its getting late and I see him, Ali, across the street walking up to a blonde, slim (well anyone is slimmer then me) girl and kissing her hello and strolling into a fancy restaurant!

I'm just about to try and tell Kelly what I just saw when this guy walks up to the both of us and says:

" Hi can I take you for a drink?"

"NO!" We both scream at once.

We start to walk towards our favourite bar the Fox while I try to change the subject away from me being stoodp and realising that meant it was a one night stand.

We walked down the steps into the bar - it was still early and we found a spot at the bar easily. We started to rummage for some cash - I'd been hoping that Ali would be paying tonight. Then from behind we hear :

"Can i buy you that drink now? "

"No", I said more quietly this time. I gave him a closer look though, checking to see if maybe he might be fanciable, and well, I could do with some one buying me a drink. But no, he wasn't as handsome as Ali and anyway I thought, he could be any kind of psycho.

"Look I need to explain, I am Ali's friend, Mohammed, he asked me to come and tell you he can't make it tonight and I wondered if you would let me make it up to you"

This guy was persistent and I still felt put out by being let down by Ali but  I felt myslef warning to him and his audacity..

"Ok then, as long as you buy Kelly one too"

Well that was the beginning, that was how I met him, not exactly the most promising start to a romance but the basics were there...he was male and he was buying alchohol!

The End

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