When It StartedMature

WARNING: This is going to be pretty &#!&ed up. Not for the squeamish.
Bound to be very detailed- sex, vulgar language and actions, suggestive comments, drug and alcohol abuse.

Matthew Hibrey: eleven years my senior. Tall- almost 6 feet, standing at 5'11"- and built like a Ford: tough. No large,bulging muscles- all lean, powerful, SEXY. Hands that could make you pant just by their proximity; stomach chiseled out by six pack abs and that man V that damn near makes any girl swoon.  Grey eyes with hints of gold and green; black hair just long enough to tangle your fingers in....lips that just begged to be bitten, always in that friendly, yet enticing smirk...and what lied between those strong legs? The biggest and best part of the whole toy- at least ten inches when only partially aroused. Beautiful. Cue that SA-WOOON. 

Honestly, it started out fairly innocently: he added me on facebook and i accepted. I always accepted friend requests. Plus,he was nice, sweet even, and as we got to know each other a bit more it got harder and harder to pull away from our conversations at night. Eventually, we were comfortable enough with each other to share more,shall we say, personal tidbits about ourselves. He gradually became Matt,not Matthew; he was 27 years old when we met.Which, yes, only made me sixteen when our "relationship" started. Just deal with it. 

We'd been talking for a good four months before anything 'happened', which is definitely a record for me. See, its no secret what my line of work is- in my town, I was known for being a bit of a whore. Not a prostitute, mind you. I have a bit more self respect than that, even if that's hard to believe. But I've dated a lot, committed to none, and spent all my times since my freshman year of high school going after my own type of fun. Quite frankly, sex IS fun, y'know. But, officially, I was labeled "sex kitten: internet based". Since its considered safer, and I don't have to deal with the local crazy-stalker guys: mostly because I don't use my government name,but I mean, that's a no-brainer right? Anyway, that's what started me and Matt in a way. I was kind of embarrassed-and uncharacteristically shy-  at first to tell him that my job was to sexually arouse random strangers, but as soon as i did, things changed. For the better, it seemed.

He began talking to me in the way i like- don't judge me, i've already told you i'm a whore. And sure, it might sound a bit twisted, but I liked being talked down to. In fact, the dirtier, the better. And Matt was more than capable of that. MORE than capable. So, after four months of casual talking, Matt became my Master and I his dirty little Whore. It couldn't get any better than that.

Then, after a year, I met him- face to face.

The End

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