Sam 1.6

I crouched down and pulled my pen knife from my pocket. Placing the top of the blade between the loose floorboards I applied pressure and the floorboard sprung up. I pushed it aside as I looked in the hole that it left behind. Inside I saw something shine up at me. Slowly I reached in, grasped the object and suddenly it started to glow a magnificent green as if it had been waiting for me. It was cold, almost wet and consisted of many corners like a jigsaw piece. As I extracted the object the shine got brighter and brighter. I inspected what seemed to be a crystal of some sort and wondered what it is doing under the floorboards.

All of a sudden I heard footsteps downstairs. Unexpectedly the green glow went out and I shoved the crystal into my pocket. I tiptoed across the hall to the landing to see who was below me. I saw a purple hooded figure with its back to me looking at the wall in front of them. I followed their trail of sight and notice them glancing into a mirror which I can see a reflection of them in. The only thing I remember seeing is the red eyes and thinking this is not a person, this is not natural before the creature wheels around and stares at me. I quickly notice that the creature could see me in the mirror also.

Unable to see a face or even eyes anymore I step back and run to the nearest room, slamming the door after me and locking it. In my mind I hear a voice say 'You know its strength, it can get through that lock in seconds.' At this I drag a bookcase in front of the door and then set out trying to escape. I go to the only window in the house and see that it is a huge drop to the ground, which would result in body parts being broken. I notice the beads of sweat that have started to run down my face and back. Quickly I think how to get out of this mess. Suddenly I hear footsteps stop outside the door and the lock turns. One push and the door opened. It slams against the bookcase. I look around frantically and see a piece of climbing robe in the corner hanging up. I run over grab it and dash to the window, yank it open and using the most basic knot, I tie the robe loosely to the nearest thing-an old fireplace made of marble. I throw the robe out the window as the creature knocked the bookcase and door to the ground in one swift thrust. The bookcase hit the ground with a huge bang and I grab the robe and scramble down it as quickly as possible.

With seven or eight feet to the ground I look up and see the creature looking down at me and I am horrified. Where a person's face should be is what looks like a wrinkled up pink prune with red eyes taking up half of the surface. The rest of the 'face' consisted of two slits for a nose and an opening with small sharp black 'teeth' for a mouth.

Stunned I am unable to move. I see the creature raise its hand and out a claw comes. Horrified I remain suspended in the air as the creature cuts the robe and I plunge to the ground.

The End

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