Helena 1.5

I ran for what felt like hours and did not think I was getting anywhere. Throughout the duration of the ordeal I could hear the thud of hooves following me although they never caught up. Afraid to turn around to look back at what chased me, I set my eyes at what lay ahead of me-trees, millions of trees. I searched for an opening in the trees and just as the hooves seem to gain on me I found a thin clearing.

'Yes I have lost them' I thought as I got through the clearing and slowed but that was not the case the animals got through the clearing as well. I was nearing exhaustion at this stage of my journey and was ready to collapse. I could not go on running for my life, I knew that much, but I feared what would happen if I faced the horses and their riders behind me. Without my permission my legs stopped moving and turned to face the unknown behind me. With a look of fear and exhaustion on my face I stood in front of my captors and yelled


The only thought that entered my head in that terrifying moment was 'why did I do that?'

Reality hit hard as I saw for the first time that the beasts that followed me were not horses but giant....things. I could not place a word for them. They carried the general shape a giant hound but had horns on their heads and their eyes shone red as if to signify the lust of blood that they had. Three were present in the clearing and six followed them catching up quickly with no signs of stopping. On the beast's backs were what looked like goblins- rough skinned and wearing torn clothes of cover their small scrawny bodies. Their noses pointed up and their eyes shone brighter than that of the giant hounds like black gems-all of them with very little hair making them look old and gaunt. To my astonishment, in the front of all of these goblins, a man was seated on a beast. He possessed long black hair and sitting bolt upright was clothed in armour. He looked at me with a grin which suited his face, which was ugly and looked almost squashed, and raised his sword. The goblins followed suit with their faces set on me. What was I going to do?

Just as capture was inevitable I was grabbed from behind, swept off my feet and swung onto a tree branch. Before I had the time to glance around and find my apparent rescuer, they were gone. I looked down to see that the beasts had faltered and were looking all around them to the trees, as if the trees were hiding my saviour. Horror haunted their faces as they scanned the area.

'It cannot be' cried one of the goblins in a throaty low voice, 'She has invoked the help of CREED, she is the one, she has returned!'

'No she is not back, she died years ago.' replied the man, 'I was there I saw it with my own eyes. It is just a trick the Simple's are playing to scare us. Now compose yourselves and lets....'

Before he could finish his sentence he was grabbed by what looked like a branch and swung into the air. He came crashing down, just as quick as he was lifted almost instantly. The man lay injured on the ground but, from the height I was at, he seemed to be breathing. All present in the clearing seen this spectacle and began to retreat into the forest behind them. Turning around the beasts ran quickly away howling as they went. Only two large goblins remain. They looked like the guards of the man as they wore different clothes to the others and a coat of arms was present on both of their left arm sleeves.

'We is just going to take cap'ain and be on our way trees, we mean no more harm.' said one of the goblins, his voices trembling as much as his knees. They grabbed one arm each of the human and dragged him to his beast. Swinging him over his monster they tied him to it quickly and carelessly. Grabbing the reigns they mounted their beasts and led the other one with their captain on it away rather quickly and gingerly. As they turned the captain started to slide down his monster and as one of the goblins went to pull him up the tree of his right reached out a branch and whipped the hind quarters of the captains beast. The animal, out of fright and hurt, galloped off dragging the captain and the two others behind him. A sigh of relief escaped my lips as I saw that I was safe-but for how long? And from who?

The End

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