Sam 1.4

Half of me said RUN and the other remained calm and pulled my body through the door frame. Looking at the ground I noticed muddy foot prints leading out the door. 'That's odd', I think, 'It has not rained in weeks', and as I turned I was greeted with an unholy sight. The kitchen - which is where the back door led to, was in disarray. The table was overturned, the cupboards emptied and their doors hanging off their hinges, the refrigerator was left open and water leaked out onto the floor.

'NO, HELENA' I screamed racing upstairs. I ran all around Helena's house that was somewhat familiar to me. I screamed her name and searched every room. Every room was left in a state of upheaval, not one thing was in its place of origin. I hunted for any clue as to who did this and where Helena could be. The only thing that gave me piece of mind was that there was no blood; Helena has not been hurt...yet.

The next thing that came to mind was who and why? I knew racking my brain as to why anyone would want to take Helena, was not going to get me anywhere. So I began to think through events leading up to today and if Helena was acting strange.

I thought back to the first time I met her three weeks ago at the train station. It was a Thursday and I was just finished work. My car had broken down the day before so it was at the mechanics getting fixed. I had to take the train and Mrs Adler from next door was nice enough to drop Scarlet off and collect her from school. I was running late to catch the train so I was rushing and I bumped into a preacher of some sort standing by a bench handing out flyers, I apologized like my mother always told me to but the preacher in turn had knocked over Helena and sent her and her belonging flying.  'I am so sorry to you both, I really am. It's just that I am in a hurry' I uttered as I helped the preacher and Helena pick up Helena's things.  'Oh it's okay, you don't have to pick them up,' Helena announced cheerfully as she tilted her head towards the carriage 'go catch your train.' 'Thank you' I replied gratefully as I got up to catch the train but as I did the train sprang into action and no matter how hard I tapped on the glass I knew it would not stop for me.

'No' I growled, my humour getting worse as now I was stuck waiting for another forty five minutes. If I did not get home soon Scarlet would come home to an empty house and no one to let her in. I started to dial Mrs Adler's number and then realized that I could not afford credit so I could not get through to her. Looking around I noticed a pay phone and went over to find that my pockets were empty; the homeless guy outside my office block got my change! I slowly turned and noticed the preacher and Helena chatting and decided that this would be a great time to make new friends. 

I walk over and say 'Hi'. 'Hello' Helena returned 'I see that you did not catch your train after all' she smiled slightly

'Yeah' I agreed 'hopefully I will not miss the one in forty five minutes!' 

'At least you're not in a hurry so you won't knock anyone else over.' Helena laughed.

'I am truly sorry about that, both of you.' I turn to the preacher who had disappeared. 'Hey were did she go?' I ask confusedly.

'I don't know she was here a minute ago!' Helena answered just as confused.

And that was that. Helena and I talked until my train arrived and she said that I would see her around. She told the truth-I saw her every day from that day on, in the most random of places. Just thinking about her calmed me down, my mind stopped racing and the dread slowly subsided momentarily.

Just then a sound jolted me into reality. I had placed all my weight unto my left foot and the floorboard creaked. It was loose. I bent down to pick it up and found a compartment underneath it. 

The End

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