Sam 1.2

'Hey, HEY get up'.

I slowly opened my eyes and a stream of light was let in, I quickly closed them again.

'I brought up breakfast! Eggs and bacon, your favourite.'

I knew the voice directed at me but I could put a name to it or a face for that matter. I tried to open my eyes again but the light burned them 'Close the curtains please' I said, a little annoyed that the curtains were open in the first place this early in the morning.

'Okay' came the voice again and all the light disappeared.

'Thanks' I replied, slowly opening my eyes careful in case some light had not been shut out.

'Now your breakfast! Eat, it will be cold soon.' I looked up to the voice and I saw immediately that it was Scarlet Mead, my baby sister.

'Eh thanks Scarlet, you should not have. Can I ask what time did I get back at last night? Did you see me last night when I got back?'

Scarlet giggled 'You went over to Matthew's to help with his dinosaur project, remember? Whenever you go over to his, you stay there late so I go to bed, I have school remember. I did not hear you come home.'

'Oh yeah I do now. Was pretty intense last night, pretty late coming back. Thanks for the breakfast; you had better get ready for school!'

'Okay but I can't be late for school today it is show and tell and I am bringing Buddy in'

'Well make sure he is brushed and washed'

'Yeah' was the response shouted back at me as Scarlet ran through the hall to the kitchen and out of sight.

I got up with great difficulty knowing that I did not go to Matthew's last night, but where then? I threw the blankets off me and found that the trousers I was wearing were torn like I had been dragged through thorn bushes and I was not wearing a top at all. A big bruise had formed over my last two ribs and I was covered in dirt. Quickly I got up and after disposing of the trousers I got a rushed shower and called the only person I knew who could help me, Helena. I called once-no answer, twice-no answer, three times-still no answer. Where was she?

'Are you ready Sam? I am going to be late!' the voice from the kitchen yelled.

'I'm coming' I yelled back as I threw some clothes on and grabbed my keys. I decided I would drop Scarlet off at school and stop off at Helena's house; she must have just slept through my calls.

Scarlet was already in the car smiling from the front passenger seat holding a sorry looking dog with a ribbon in its hair. That was Buddy alright, never excited, not even when there is treats or a ride in the car. But Scarlet my eleven year old sister loved him and that was the reason why my parents did not swap him for a better model, and why I myself could not do the same. Twenty minutes later and Scarlet and Buddy were dropped at school and waving bye to me without looking back, I stopped a few seconds to reflect on how Scarlet had grown and wondered how I was going to bring her up all by myself. I had done it for the last two years since my parents died but now money was tight and Scarlet was turning twelve in a month's time.

Crap...Helena. I turned on the engine and faced the car in the direction of New Forest Grove.

The End

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