Meet you by our Tree

I was walking. I do not know why but it felt like the right thing to do. The ground was soft underfoot; recent rain was still dropping from the tree branches. I was surrounded by a forest, the deeper I walked into it the denser the forest became. There was no path to follow; if I wanted to get out, going back was not an option. I did not know where I came from or knew where I was going. I stopped to listen. Strange sounds reached my ears- birds, animals, the swaying of the trees from the wind, but no indication of where I was going. I was finding it increasingly hard to walk as my shoes were getting stuck in the mud. Fewer branches and debris scattered the ground around me the tighter the forest closed in around me. I took my shoes off to ease the struggle I was having and placed them in my back pack. The feel of the ground under my bare feet was not as bad as I imagined and it was easier to walk without the hindrance of my shoes.

I stopped to listen again. The same sounds reached my ears but this thing I heard a branch snap. As if from out of nowhere I got the feeling that someone was watching me. What do I do? Do I run? Do I act like nothing is happening? What do I do? Panic hit me but I knew for certain that to run would initiate a chase which would not end well for me since I did not know where this forest would lead me.

I started to take bigger steps in my bare feet, leaving more noticeable foot prints in the mud. I did not care. My only thought was how to free myself from this wooden prison. My heart was pounding in my chest; I could hear it beating in my ears. Who was out there? What did they want? How will I get out of here? All these questions sprung to mind but I could not answer any of them. This all came down to the question-How did I get here? A question I could not answer. As I quickened my pace gradually, hoping that who or whatever was watching would not notice, I began to think over my predicament and it became obvious that I did not know how or when I got here.

Where was here?

The End

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