Are words really that important ?Mature

In life,my life there is my sons,their father and then there is those I love.





And then there is you.

A hole chapter of a diferent life.

 A script of  me  no one knows.

 And yet I never told you.

How much I had got to love you.

How special seeing you was.


How being in love with you is bitter and sweet at the same time.

How I dont want to forget why I fell in love with you.

I can say it here.

Where no one I know  reads my thoughts.

Because you are you.

I love you because not doing it is lying to myself.


Present day re-write.

You are in Chester.

Living and dating your current girlfriend.

We fight.

We make up.

We are friends.

Nick and me.

The end...

The End

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