Then What Did She Do?

She was waiting outside of room 3-27 when several men in blue gowns rolled James by her on a stretcher. She followed them into the room even though the sight of his torn face made her want to stab out her eyes. They all looked awkwardly at her but went on about their work of connecting several tubes and hoses to James' limp body.

It was not until the doctor came into the room to see that everything was settled that anyone dared to tell her she couldn't be there, and it would be the last time. She drug Dr. Stevens - who was a good 18 inches taller than she - out into the hall, so she wouldn't disturb James, but the entire hospital heard her screams of indignation. 

When she had said everything she had to say, Dr. Stevens promptly stepped aside, and she marched past him to a stool by James' bed where she would sit for the next three weeks, only leaving to use the bathroom, only eating when one of the nurses felt sorry for her and brought her food. At some point she talked to her parents, and they came to see her. They tried to get her to go home, but she wouldn't. In the end they gave up, left her car for her, and went home in her father's car.

James woke up about every other day. His head had been damaged but not his brain. They said he would be fine. Everyone said he would be fine. During her stay in that hospital room she picked up a few bits of knowledge regarding the information that was constantly flashing across the nearby computer screens. She learned how to read James' vital signs, and when she wasn't staring at the lacerations on his skin and hoping to see them improving before her eyes, she was watching the machines to make sure he was still okay.

He woke up every few days and spoke a few incoherent sentences to her. After the first week and a half he even started recognizing her and telling her that he loved her. She lived for these brief moments until October 23rd when, as she sat and admired the color that had come back to his face, she realized that the room had suddenly become very quiet. She frantically looked towards the machines. The beeping that she knew to be the beating of that heart she loved so much had stopped.

She pressed every panic button she could find, and when no one immediately showed up to help, she ran to find a doctor herself. When she returned to the room with Dr. Stevens in tow, several others had beaten them there. The color had once again disappeared from James' thin face. They all tried to save him - to bring him back - but it was too late. He was gone.

Audrey fell to her knees by his bed. She hadn't prayed since she was eleven years old, but she prayed at that moment with all of her heart to a god that she had never believed in. She prayed for life to miraculously come back to the only person she knew who she had just assumed would always be there because she couldn't bear to imagine life without him. She continued to scream for help and then to curse the heavens when no help came. She was still screaming when they came to take the body away, and Mrs. Wren had to pry her off of him and hold her in a nearby bathroom before they could.

The End

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