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Waluscha,a final year medical student, walked into the surgery ward and looked around for her patient. It was her exam today and she was expected to clinch the diagnosis purely on basis of what the patient told her and her 'clinical acumen'.

" I just hope that a million people have not bugged the poor chap already", she told Pooja. " The last time, my patient refused to talk to me. She said that she has repeated her clinical history too many times".

"All the best!", Pooja winked.

Waluscha walked upto Ram Narayan, a 52 year old male.

' I hope it is not Hernia', she prayed.' Or I am screwed for life'.

You dont have much hope when you are facing a seasoned surgeon on possibly the most controversial topic in the subject with atleast 100 different surgeries.

She put up a brave face and started. After the usual protocol, she asked," Okay,so what exactly is your problem?". Her heart beat wildly. Her heart rate reached almost 120 beats per minute.


Waluscha almost fainted.

" I mean, why did you come to the doctor? What did you notice?". She could not tell the doctor that the patient had already diagnosed himself, though she would have loved to.

As she proceeded,almost as if by divine intervention,the patient went on about what she should do." Take a pair of gloves before you examine me".

" Wow!", she thought." I hope he does not fear getting an erection".She had heard horror stories about male patients ahem...ejaculating during the course of examination. She said another hurried prayer to god.

"Should I lift my legs in the air? The previous doctor had asked me to!", Ram Narayan asked, looking intently at her.

"Sure", Waluscha smiled back helpfully. He was being co- operative. The prospect of having a female student handle his genitals was bound to add a certain degree of anxiety to his demeanour.

So far so good. What happens at the viva with the surgeon is a different story in itself.

The End

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