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Collab between me and TheNovu. No idea what it will end up being, but it's about giant robots and fighting.

Galven Drake walked over to where his partner, Valroth, stood waiting. It was a grand sight, Valroth's towering metallic black mass standing in perfect stillness as wind from the Dopplar's open bay whipped at Galven's blazing red hair. He could feel each strand hit his forehead and the back of his neck. 

"Off on another patrol?" the intercom above Galven queried over the wind's howling. The voice traveling through the device was none other than the Dopplar's Captain and Navigator, Kara Hetingale. She was proud of her enormous vessel that now traveled through the forgotten wastes of Earth 1. It was a tanker class intergalactic spaceship. Not a cheap thing to come across, so it was no wonder she was proud to call herself it's captain.

"I thought I might get away from your nagging and check out some of the Homeland's sights," Galven replied, smiling at the thought of her small frame fuming at him in the cockpit of the Dopplar, "Maybe I will visit the ruins of Paris? You know it was once considered a City of Love, according to the ancient textbooks." Galven smiled widely, knowing she saw him through one of the cameras in the cargo bay. "Maybe we could go one day?"

"Get the hell off my ship!" Her voice hits a high pitch on the last word, an obvious sign of her discomfort or anger. Maybe it was both? Galven didn't care, though. She would be better by the time he got back. If she wasn't, then he would just wait longer. He was patient.

Galven looked to Valroth, examining the machine's bulky, yet smooth, exterior. It had been built to take a beating, so it was larger than normal R.E.M.'s were. The size also made Valroth a slower R.E.M., but Galven didn't mind. He had gotten used to the Reflex External Machination's bulk and learned to use it to his advantage.

Pressing a few buttons on a holo-screen near Valroth's left foot, Galven activated the elevator that would take him to his R.E.M.'s cockpit. He didn't hear the authorization over the wind from the open cargo bay, but knew the code was right when the elevator near Valroth's head descended. Due to safety regulations, it was slow moving, but Galven didn't mind.

He looked at Earth's, the homeland, surface beneath the Dopplar. The barren wasteland contained little to see, unlike the Moon's Colony, Washington IV. A few buildings passed underneath the Dopplar's massive structure, along with broken concrete and skeletal husks that use to be trees. It was a almost unbelievable that any had lived on this planet hundreds of years ago. 

The elevator finally reached the floor, prompting Galven to stand on the metal frame. His grey piloting suit automatically prepared itself, sending messages throughout it's fabric via electrical shocks. Galven was used to this and didn't try to scratch them pulses like he had years before. They were just preparing for Valroth's use like every time he had gotten near the R.E.M.'s cockpit. 

The elevator reached it's climax, putting Galven just beside Valroth's immense rounded shoulders, and he climbed off, careful to not let the wind unbalance him. He would survive the fall, but it would hurt. He was patient, sure, but Galven couldn't take pain.

Climbing toward the horned head of Valroth, Galven located the hidden lock just under the mech's armoring and unlocked the cockpit door. A series of locks sounded just barely over the wind, which had now died down with the Dopplar's speed, and the back of Valroth's neck opened, revealing a seat and controls. Galven jumped in and closed the door.

A screen came on in front of him.

'WELCOME, MASTER DRAKE.' it read in large white letters. 

"Hello, Valroth. Ready to have some fun, buddy?" Galven tightened the belts on his seat and started Valroth's main engine, the one that powered his movement processes. 


The screen shifted to Galven's lower right, just inside his vision, and the walls of the cockpit came to life. In them, he saw Valroth's surroundings: the wide open cargo bay of the Dopplar with supplies in locked cases so they wouldn't blow out of the enormous open cargo door. Galven moved Valroth toward the door, feeling like he was the R.E.M. himself. 

Then, like he had a thousand times before, Galve and Valroth leaped out of the Cargo bay's open door and plummeted toward the Homeland's barren surface. Galven was sure that Valroth felt the air slamming into his massive black frame. 

Thrusters activated just before reaching the surface of Earth, slowing Valroth until he landed smoothly near a broken husk of a strange building. It looked as if it once had multiple levels and was a great place of publicity. Galven often wondered why such places like this existed. Didn't the men and women of the old days just use a hologram to commune and andriods to fetch goods? 

"Let's get going, Valroth," Galven said, pulling his himself from his thoughts. No need to stare too long. He had another reason for this patrol. One that he didn't want to alarm Kara for. He was probably just mistaken, but Galven could have swore he saw an old type of R.E.M. in the ruins a few miles back. 

If it turned out to be one of the 'Firsts,' then Galven and Kara would be rich beyond their wildest dreams. 

'Don't get your hopes up, Galven...'

The End

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