Meeting's Conclusion

  Dietrich looked to the group he would be working with.  A little girl, Santa, Mr. suave, Mr. suave two.

  "Well, he sure found some interesting mercs."  He smirked.

  Seth looked back and replied lazily,"I am no mercenary.  Just a man working for the core."

  Till didn't respond, and proceeded to stare at Jack again.

  "I'm no merc either, just a drifter."  Joey shrugged, receiving a chuckle from Dietrich, who found the self description amusing.

  "If you say so.  But you're doing this for the pay, yeah?"

  "Well yeah.  A man's gotta eat after all."  The Drifter replied.

  Jack struck Joey on the back with a playful thump that probably would have knocked anyone else to the floor.

  "That's true enough, we were duking it out in the arena when we got the invite!"  He grinned wildly.

  "Like a merc?"  Seth asked Joey, who shrugged again.

  "So what's he paying you?"  Dietrich asked broadly.

  "A ton considering how easy this job looks."  Jack laughed.

  Seth leaned against a chair,"I get nothing Jack, it all goes to the core."

  Till broke out her trance, deciding to speak.

  "Money isn't important.  I need to gather data on the new model."

  "I'm getting payed more than I would for this amount of work in this amount of time."  Joey said.

  Dietrich settled into a chair, satisfied with the answers.  Everyone was looking at him, and he didn't quite know why, so he remained silent.

  "So," Seth began,"I think we would all like to know what your story is."

  The red headed rebel smirked with obvious pride.

  "Why not."  He leaned back even farther in his chair.  "While ago, I worked on ships for Norse.  I was good, made most of the engines for luxury vessels.  One day I got the chance of a lifetime, building the propulsion Norse's personal transport.  Well, day of the launch, I realized that I had left out a containment coil for the fuel tank.  The aft detonated three minutes into the maiden flight and gave Norse a nice scar on his right leg."

  "The limp?"  Seth asked.

  Dietrich nodded,"He blamed me for the whole thing.  So eye for an eye, or in his case, eye for a life.  Brought me in and shot off my finger, said I was going to pay.  Got lucky and made a break for it, jacked a mech, and decided to play a brutal game of tag," he closed his eyes and all the amusement flooded from his voice,"I owe him money in the ninth digit.  This might get me out of it."

  "Um, remind me not to tick him off."  Joey said.

  "Noted."  Seth added.

  Till cocked her head and asked(In her most innocent voice);"Why would you play a game of tag after he shot his finger off?  It doesn't make sense...."

  Seth rubbed his forehead, and Dietrich just laughed.

  "Because I like making him work for his prize.  I knew he'd get me in the end, but I wanted him to bleed for it, so I raided his ships once in a while.  Blew up a couple fuel depots."

  Seth was about to say something, but Tillie cut him off.

  "That sounds like a fight, not tag."

  This chick for real?  Bio says she's 23!

 "New rules in mech tag."  Dietrich muttered.

  "Now that boy, is pretty dang evil.  I think we'll get along just fine!  I raised Cain himself back in the NAC.  Some dog tried to blast my Glutton."  Jack said, as he unleashed a hearty chuckle.

  Seth, simply was provided with more reasons to rub his forehead.

  "This was supposed to be an easy mission."

  "I still don't get all this."  Till sighed.

  "Don't worry, you don't need to."  The musician groaned.


The End

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