The Meeting Begins, the Fighters Assemble!

Seth walked into the meeting room, still annoyed that they took his headphones. He never really noticed the music playing it’s Jazz lullaby, but he sure missed it. Jeff Caverty of the Gibson Brothers could sing better than any man alive, or so Seth thought. Now all he had to listen to was the faint mechanics of the Mansion and the feet of the others who entered. How many men did Norse want?

“So this is the famous Norse mansion!,” a younger man with darker skin said, “This place is huge!” The space suit he wore gave him away. Joey Lockheart, a fighter in the Arena. The only reason Seth knew this was because his boss was obsessed with the Arena. There was a poster of Joey in his office. Was his mech here?

“Wahahahaha, yeah, and we're the guests of honor today!” Seth turned to see the owner of the voice was none other than Jack Baronson, another fighter in the Arena and an ex New Age Corporation pilot. From Till’s curious gaze, Seth guessed she didn’t know him. The big black man walked alongside Joey and the dup took seats at the large table that took up the meeting room.

Another man walked through the door, accompanied by two guards with beam rifles. He had a large frame with a good sized gut, but looked like a bear. His hair was styled back in the way a Foundation President would wear theirs and his suit was white with red accents. Why did he walk with a limp, though?

“Gentlemen,” Richard Norse said once he took his seat at the head of the table, “this is good timing. The others should be arriving shortly.” His voice was that of command. It actually annoyed Seth. Another man to take orders from. Great.

Seth walked out of the shadows from the back of the meeting room, eyeing the newcomers. They weren’t the most famous of Arena fighters, but he felt as if he should do something. He ignored the feeling and took a seat right in front of them, instead. "Me and the little girl are here,” Seth said lazily, pointing to the Till. She nodded and took a seat at the foot of the table. Whether it was to get away from everyone else, or to watch everyone else, Seth did not know.

Norse opened his mouth to say something, but was interrupted when the doors opened to reveal a man being drug in by two guards. The man had a smile on his face, for some reason. The taller guard spoke first. “Sorry, sir, but we were given orders to bring him directly here.”

The other guard threw the man to the ground then. “He was carrying a total of twelve firearms.” Seth Involuntarily gave a long whistle, making the others stare at him, guards included. Seth shrunk down and pretended to play with his thumbs. Sheesh. These people were too tight!

Jack gave out a laugh. “Sure is loaded!” Joey nodded to the man and replied with a, “Dang,” and a laugh of his own. Well, weren’t they just the best of friends. Seth felt sort of alone, but ignored it and looked to Till. For some reason, she was staring intently at Jack. Maybe she DID know him…

“As I expected,” Seth heard Norse say, “Hello Dietrich, how’s the finger?” Seth was now curious. The finger? Yes, the man was missing his middle finger. These men had a history, then? Well, it wasn’t like Seth cared. He just wanted to get his job done.

“I’m not flipping you off, so still gone,” the man said, standing and scratching his deep red hair. With a black leather jacket and grey jeans, he looked the part of a trouble maker. Seth sighed. God let this man not ruin this mission.

“Mmm.  Well then, shall we begin everyone?” Norse said, looking to the others. Dietrich took a seat near Till, which caused her to stare at him with a cold look. Even Seth knew that was not a friendly stare. The red haired man ignored her though.

 Seth sighed. "Please. My superiors are anxious for my return." It was true. They hated having anyone out for too long. Maybe Seth could tell his boss about the arena fighters he worked with. That was sure to help him. Maybe.

Norse laughed. “I know all about the Core, so I won't delay any longer.  If you all would direct your attention to the screen.” With that, the large man clicked a button on the table Seth hadn’t seen before and a large screen descended from the wall behind Jack and Joey. They both turned around to see it.

On the screen was a planet dressed in dark clouds and small flashing lights Seth recognized as lightning. Seth gasped, then. Out of the planet, like some sort of medieval weapon, were large spikes. They must have been the width of a state each and there were tons of them poking out of the clouds. What in the hell WAS that planet?!

The End

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