Dietrich Fokker

Another can clattered to the ground as Dietrich polished off the last beer in the pack.  He  only liked to work on his mech when slightly buzzed(or substantially).  The abandoned warehouse had been the perfect place to hide out with his pride and joy.  He assumed the place had been used to work on transplanetaty bombers during the last Solar War.
  "Well I've put you through a lot lately haven't I?"  He laughed patting the cold metal of it's shoulder plate.
  He had found some old maintenance scaffolding that was perfect for getting to the badly damaged left shoulder.  While fleeing from one of Norse's patrol ships, he had been hit by a railgun and taken three missiles to various points on the hull.
  Though that would never be enough to bring down "Vici".  She was suited more to logistics than getting into the actual battle, but that didn't mean that she was powerless against enemy bombardment.  When necessary, she could bring out the arm mounted shock cannons.
  The azure mobile armor rumbled as her plasma batteries sparked to life.  Dietrich leaned back against the rusted railing and watched as the four teardrop shaped pods arranged on Vici's back began to separate, two small ports pushed them away with a blast of compressed air.  They each fell slightly before their own engines kicked in and freed them to hover.  As if soldiers awaiting command, they lined up in perfect unison in front of Dietrich.
  He withdrew a small holographic tablet from his pocket and quickly began initiating orders.  One by one the floating pods approached their designated repair zones.  From underneath the drones body were an arrangement of seven small arms.  Each one grasped a tool of some sort, and considering they had some of the latest AI developments, it was quite easy for them to multitask and fix multiple issues at once.
  Dietrich felt there was something missing though.  Quickly he jumped onto the flat shoulder pads and slid down one joint into the bulb shaped cockpit.  He scrounged though the thickets of wiring and the grove of exposed electronics.  He proudly raised the cd case above his head like a trophy.  He removed the contents and placed them into his primitive disk drive.
  The loud speakers burst with a recording of the 2038 woodstock.  An excellent classic, and already Dietrich was in his chair listening to someone playing a cover of "All Along the Watchtower."  He made it three minutes in before he passed out on his chair.  While the drones who could not care if he played a track of break noise continued their tedious task.

  The track had ended an hour before Dietrich awoke.  The drones had long since finished their task and returned to their docks.  Dietrich squinted through the hangar doors.  It was dark out, but he could still see something treading across the martian landscape, and only one group would be out here at this time.  He quickly slid on his leather jacket and took an upright seat in his mech.  He slowly began the energizing process for the plasma batteries.  As soon as he had power, he prepared all diagnostics on combat modules.
  There wasn't enough power to shoot either shock cannon.  All the drones were reading low ammo for their Autoguns.
  Mobility had been restored to perfect though, so maybe he could run.  That was if they didn't have another VTOL hunting him.  And from what he could hear outside, there wasn't one.  But there was still at least one mech outside.
  He would wait and see what happened.  If they attacked, he would head towards the opposite end and break through the thin wall.
  Something was happening though, the mech by the doorways wasn't doing anything.  Just standing there.  A sudden static screech from beside it betrayed the presence of yet another mech, the pilot was using a loud speaker.  His voice roared into the building with an ominous echo;"Dietrich Fokker.  You will respond in one minute or we will storm the building.  Comply."
  Dietrich was more than confused at this point, but he knew that talk was better than cowering in a corner.  Quickly he pulled his own microphone.
  "HELLO!  Ach!  That is really loud," he lowered the volume and continued,"what do you want?  Last five times your people attacked, they tried to take me by surprise."
  "Mr.Norse has a proposition for you.  One that might let you leave here alive."
  Are you kidding?  He shoots my finger off and now he wants me back!  Dietrich groaned in the back of his head.
  "I want to hear this proposition."
  "No.  You will do exactly as instructed.  In eight hours, a ferry bound for Venus will leave.  The captain has been payed to hold a position at sixteen thousand kilometers from terra.  You will leave and head to orbital residence of Mr.Norse.  He will explain what he wants from you," the pilot cleared his throat and concluded,"if you do not agree to do so, or fail to arrive, I have orders make sure you are turned to molten slag."
  Lovely.  I might still be ale to get away, this proposition probably isn't very illustrious.  Likely chance that he'll make me work in Venisian mines for the rest of my life.

  The Vici quietly drifted through space.  Dietrich fiddled with a bit of his dyed red hair, not feeling like listening to anything on the radio.  He had a hollow feeling that Norse was just going to offer him something incredibly degrading, something where death was a better alternative.
  He looked up over the glare shield at the speckled void.  He wished that he could just get away to one of those planets.  The light in the cabin went red, and multiple devices began streaming information about docking procedures and alignment.
  Within a few minutes the massive mansion was in view, the bay open for landing.
  "Well Vici, hopefully this won't be my last flight with you.  Let's see what that filthy rat wants this time."

The End

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