Seth Fallengard and Tillie Ludak

Hired by the powerful CEO of the Justice Interplanetary Association, Richard Norse, five pilots must go on a mission to find a mysterious new power source.

The immense machine, known as the Assailant by many for its size and fighting prowess, glided through space towards its predetermined destination: the space mansion belonging to the Founder and CEO of Justice Interplanetary Association, Richard Norse.

Despite being only a few hundred miles away from the Earth, the trip was taking a long time. Seth Fallengard was getting bored. The music from his headphones echoed its Jazz through the cockpit of the Assailant, giving the dull area something to liven it up, but it didn’t help by much to quell Seth’s annoyance. Why did the man hiring him have to live so far away? With the Core Militia - the group Seth worked for - having budget cuts, the amount of fuel he could use to get there was limited. It made for a long trip.

“I should have brought my trombone…,” Seth said to his massive machine, “Then we could have at least had some fun, right partner?” As usual, no one answered. If only Seth had someone to talk to! Maybe then his trip wouldn’t be so boring. Seth sunk in his seat, letting his long ponytail fall off his shoulder. On the monitors, as usual, was nothing but black space as far as the eye could-

Seth jumped up in his seat, nearly hitting his head in the excitement. There, up above, was the destination! Finally! No more sitting around and doing nothing! Seth activated Assailant and readied the large mech for landing. It would be a simple procedure really, so it took only a moment. Well, now all Seth had to do was wait a few more minutes, then he could walk around and stretch. Finally! It had only been ten hours, but…. Well, it didn’t matter.

Minutes later, Seth had finally made it to the fortress-like mansion of Richard Norse and docked next to a sleek mech. Although he initially had no interest in the smaller machine, the New Age Corporation’s symbol made him curious. What was a prototype model doing out here? Maybe it was also hired for the mission? Well, he would see sooner or later. He finished the docking procedure and headed into the mansion.

“Mr. Fallengard of Core Militia, I presume?”

Seth looked turned from where the door to the docking bay had just shut and discovered a small man with a bald head and aging face. So, was this Richard Norse, the richest man in the galaxy?

“Yes, sir,” Seth replied, trying to act formal. With a goatee and hair down to his waist, he was not seen as respectable by anyone. Oh well, just another thing he didn’t really care about.

“If you would follow me,” The bald man said before turning, “We will retrieve Miss Ludak then head to Mr. Norse’s office.” Figures this man wouldn’t be Richard Norse.

Seth followed the shorter man to the other docking bay. It only just dawned on Seth that the man wore the outfit of a butler instead of a business man. Idiot. He should have noticed that earlier.

The Norse Mansion was an amazing place, having chandeliers in the hallways and paintings on nearly every square inch of wall Seth passed. Most of them were unrecognizable to him, but Seth did see a copy of the Mona Lisa and a Portrait of the Post-Industrial Age’s Van Morrison. The man really was an inspiration. It made Seth curse for leaving his camera and phone at his office. He could have taken a couple of pictures without the butler noticing, surely. Seth sighed.

They eventually made it to another exit, where ‘Miss Ludak’ was waiting. Seth’s first reaction was disbelief.

“Miss Ludak, I presume?” the butler asked once they came close.

The girl was not even five feet tall. She seriously looked like a middle school student. The blonde shouler length hair did nothing to help the look either. Seth was about to ask who would let her come out here alone, but noticed the emblem on her space suit. It was the New Age Corporation. That meant she was a test pilot sent out for a mission. Were they morons!? Sending a child to fight was against the law!

“You have a funny accent…,” The girl said with an innocent voice. It sounded more like an observation than an insult, but the man’s eye twitched making his offense to the statement obvious.

“It is my job to be courteous to the guests of Mr.-“

“Hey, who is he?” Miss Ludak interrupted. Seth realized the girl was asking about him, so he put on his best smile and walked forward.

“I am Seth Fallengard,” Seth said, taking the girls hand and kissing it lightly on the top, “What is your name, cutie?”

The girl stared at her hand as Seth held it. “I’m Tillie Ludak, but you can call me Till. Also,” She pulled her hand away. “You have bad breath, Seth.” With that she walked toward the bald butler, staring at his suit like it was a fascinating discover.

‘Great,’ Seth thought sadly, ‘Shot down by a kid.’ Well, that’s what he got for trying on a mission. Hopefully the butler didn’t report him for this or it would be another scolding from Seth’s boss.

“This way, Mrs Ludak, Mr. Fallengard.” The butler headed off towards an elevator just a little ways down the hall. His face was blank, but his eyes gave away the annoyance he had for Till. It was sort of funny, really.

“So, how old are you?” Seth asked Till as they walked.

“22,” Till replied. Seth stopped walking, letting the others get ahead. THAT old? Really? Till stopped and stared at Seth with large blue eyes. They seemed to pierce directly through him. “Something wrong, Seth?” She asked innocently.

“Uh…. Well, no… Just didn’t realize you were two years older than me…” Seth said, then ran to catch up. This was going to be an interesting mission, for sure…

The End

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