From hell, to heaven, and somewhere in between.Mature

I had barely survived my last encounter with Isaac, and I wasn’t looking forward to school the next few days. Honestly, the only reason I went was because Alvera needed me, and I wasn’t going to leave her in that nest of vipers. So for her sake, the next day I came to school with my head throbbing and a black eye with bruises around my jaw and neck.

We drove silently to school, both of us silent as I knew she wanted to ask about the injuries but I wasn’t willing to elaborate. We pulled into the parking lot to find that, despite the saying, things can and will get a whole lot worse.

Jared, Isaac, and all of the other jock and prep cliques were gathered around someone’s red convertible blaring some stupid rap song about doing cocaine in the back of a car. All of the guys were wearing snap back hats and the smell of cigarettes stained the once clean air. They were all laughing and having a lovely time, the girls plastered all over their respective meat head jocks, hardly clothed and having no self-respect.

When they saw my car pull in they all instinctively turned their heads, like wolves picking up the scent of fresh meat to feed on. I flinched as Isaac and Jared came towards us, both of them having a connection in the way of being a romantic interest, but also the ones that made life a never ending struggle to get through.

“Well lookie here,” Jared snickered, moving towards us, “The loser-mobile has come in it’s full, blazing glory.”

Isaac moved in towards me, eyes searching for where to hit me at that would hurt me the most. Which bone to break that would cause me the most damage to my body. What words to say that would cut the deepest. I whimpered softly and moved around them, yanking Alvera’s hand and dragging her to the building quickly as they pursued us with their jeers and taunts.

“What do you know?” Isaac yelled, “Hayden finally chose to be straight, and he got the ugliest little bitch in the school!” I felt Alvera stiffen next to me as I pulled her into the safer environment inside the school.

“Don’t listen to them,” I whispered to her, “They’re idiots, keep your head up, and eyes forward. Don’t look at them, and don’t talk to them. Focus on getting to class.” She nodded slowly, and that’s how we spent our day walking through the valley of death.

When I got home, my mother was there glaring me down for having the nerve to simply exist. I nodded to her, not bothering to listen to whatever it was she had to yell at me for now. I went upstairs and popped in my headphones and sat on my bed for a bit. The rhythm of the music was soothing, and I could feel myself drifting off into a different place then this hell as Tool played in my head. It soothed every cut and bruise on my body, easing the pain and even giving me comfort. Music was the only glimpse of heaven, and hope I could ever wish to have.

I had never liked rap, all of my ‘friends’ did, but they didn’t have good taste. I preferred my music to be able to speak to the soul and not be some stupid shit that was written in 5 minutes by a moronic pot head.

I opened my eyes, or at least I thought I did, but there was something wrong. I wasn’t in my room. I was standing atop smooth grass that swayed with the soft breeze. Surrounded on every side by trees with their multicolored leaves moving back and forth, some occasionally carried off by the wind. In front of me there was a pond, with a surface that gleamed with the light of the pale blue stars and moon that were perched high up in the indigo sky.

But I wasn’t paying that much attention to all of that, as a somewhat familiar face stood before me. Caleb wore a light grey hoodie with the strings hanging down over his broad chest. Underneath all of that were dark black skinny jeans that clung to his body in a way that was attractive but not uncomfortable for him, and he wore white high top shoes with black strings.

 His stunning eyes regarded me as I slowly approached him, completely thrown off by my environment around me. I looked at him and he let out a small smile and a chuckle.

“Don’t worry, you’re just dreaming,” He chimed, “When you wake up you’ll be safe and sound back in bed.”

I nodded softly, knowing well and good whatever he had to say was going to change my life. For better or good though, had yet to be seen.

The End

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