The serpent's kiss.Mature

Days passed after the incident at the abandoned house and the meeting with my ‘Spirit Guide’. I had come home that night with sweat dribbling down my shaking body, I had ripped off the robes as soon as I had gotten outside and thrown the knife into a lake I had found on the way back.

The water rippled softly and a small cloud of blood floated up, having still been fresh on the steel of the blade. Then I drove back to the house, trying to figure out what in the hell had just happened. I shook my head softly and drove faster, for once happy to be going home.

The weekend passed on as usual, Tara sneering at me and her mother screaming at my father until h finally lost it and ended up giving her a black eye and bloody lip. I had hid in my room for the most part, the bitch came in to say hello and tell me how much of a useless piece of shit I was occasionally and my dad not even wanting to look at me.

Finally my mother told me that they were home and I got to switch hellholes again. I had managed to bandage up my hand and keep it disinfected so that no one really noticed that much. Not that either of my parents would give a shit that I had run a blade down my hand on purpose, they didn’t care about something that they never even wanted in the first place.

Everything was the way it usually was, all the way up until the school week, then on Monday everything changed for me. I had just gotten to my locker as the school day ended, all alone as Alvera had stayed home sick that day. The name calling, threats and beatings went on the same as usual. I was one of the last ones to leave due to the massive crowds that had blocked the driveways and the roads in and of themselves, then I found a ‘pleasant surprise’ leaning on the side of my car. Isaac.

I stopped dead, he was all alone, and there was no one else in the parking lot with us. I shuddered inwardly, I knew what this was going to more than likely be about. I hung my head low and put my hoodie up, I knew I would have to face him at some time, but I was hoping it would’ve been another time in the future, rather than now. He stepped away from the car to look at me, I stared back at him, neither of us saying a word, until finally he broke the silence.

“I need a ride,” He said, his deep voice sounding somewhat monotone, “And I wanted to talk… Please?” I stopped for a moment looking down at the ground, I bit my lower lip and let out a small nod. He moved around to be in the passenger seat and I opened the door stiffly and started the car.

“Where to?” I asked quietly.

“The lake by my house, from when we were kids.” He said, “And… from last summer.”

I flinched at the mention of the season, and the place. Old memories flooded back to me, old emotions I had buried to protect myself… That’s when I heard a soft voice in my head, the same one from the night at the house that’d saved me.

“He doesn’t define you,” It whispered, “You’re more than what everyone tells you that you are.” I stopped dead for a moment, who was I hearing?

Finally we made it to the park and he gestured for us to get out, and once again we were completely alone. I got out shakily as he came around and gestured for me to follow him until we reached a picnic table overlooking the water, I bit my lip and sat down, he did the same and sat at a comfortable distance next to me. I sat there with my head down for a bit, I was drowning in all of the feelings and the memories this place held for Isaac and I…

Tears slipped down from my eyes, and he looked at me with pity, pulling himself closer to me and placing his arm around my waist. I flinched as he pulled me into him softly, he stopped for a moment and then pulled me in to his shoulder tightly, where I began shedding tears into his black designer jacket.

“I’m sorry Hayden,” He whispered softly to me, “I’m sorry for everything I did to you, I should’ve never left you, because honestly it doesn’t feel right being without you…” He stopped as he gently pulled my hoodie back and stroked my hair gingerly, running his fingers across my cheek in a way that seemed too delicate for how big and muscular he was. “Maybe he’s actually telling the truth for once…” I thought, “Maybe there actually is a chance for us…”

That’s when his lips met mine, I wasn’t expecting it but it felt so good, just to have someone, that I didn’t fight it. He took my hand into his and pulled in closer to me, scooting me up into his lap and putting his hands on my back as they slowly moved downwards. That’s when I heard the voice once more in my head.

“He hasn’t changed since the last time,” It said, somewhat coldly, “He still wants the same things as he did the last time you two were here…” I stopped again, knowing that it was right as Isaac placed his hands on my butt and the kiss deepened into something that wasn’t sweet, no, it had become something hungry and rabid. I pulled away and got up, staring at him with hurt in my eyes, I had trusted him, I almost took him back and he hadn’t changed at all. He was still the same honey lipped snake that he was before.

“I thought you had changed,” I whispered, “You’re just as using and manipulative as you ever were…” He got up and grabbed my wrist, tightening it into a painful grip.

“God dammit Hayden!” He snarled, his eyes getting a wild look in them, “I’m the best you’ve ever had, I’m the only fucking chance of ever even having anyone!” He yanked on my wrist as I continued to try and get away from him, now screaming right back in his face.

“I’m not some cheap whore you can just fuck on occasion,” I growled, “I don’t feel like being the outlet for your sexual frustrations, I actually love you and you treat me like shit!”

“You know what, Fine!” He screamed throwing me onto the ground now, “Be the lonely, worthless fucking faggot that you are! See if I care! I give you a chance to have me back and you spit in my face!” He then sent a painful kick to my head, causing it to crack into the concrete sidewalk. He shook his head and spit on me, walking away from me quickly as I tried to keep consciousness as blood and tears dripped, mixing into each other and dropping off onto the cold pavement.

“The serpent’s tongue drips honey,” The voice in my head echoed, “But it’s fangs drip death to those they ensnare.”

I wobbled to my feet, only to crash back down and feel the world spinning and mind crumbling around me. My head throbbed in pain and I laid on the pavement of the sidewalk for about 20 minutes until I managed to gain enough balance to get up and hobble back to my car collapsing into the driver’s seat.

“So much for second chances.” I muttered weakly as I started the car shakily and drove away from the park and the snake that slithered away somewhere within.

The End

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