Questions And No AnswersMature

Turns out nothing about discovering a new religion is ever easy, there’s always so many guidelines and half-truths, the way to the real truth of the religion always lies within determination and the proper sources. And as I learned the hard way, never trust everything the internet has to say about many things, including religion.
There were many things about Voodoo that I had yet to learn before I made a mistake and jumped into something I knew next to nothing about. And that’s what brought me to the little magic shop on the edge of town, the shop is rumoured to have many things within it that link to Paganism, Wicca, Satanism and Voodoo.

I stared at the small shop in growing dismay; it was not what I expected it to be. First of all, it was almost in the middle of nowhere, secondly, it was painted salmon pink and worst of all? The shop was abandoned and emptied out other than remaining pieces of furniture and the many dust bunnies.

I heaved a sigh of disappointment and turned to make my way back into town.
“You look a little lost.” A male voice said from behind me.
Turning, I saw a young teenage boy standing there regarding me with wary eyes. He was average height, with milk chocolate skin, dark brown eyes, skinny build and short cropped hair. By his skin tone, facial features and build, I bet that he was either Native American or Hawaiian or somewhere from the Cook Islands.
“I’m not lost…just a little disappointed.” I muttered. His raised his eyebrows and shoved his hands into his jeans pockets.
“About what?” he asked me curiously. I gestured toward the closed magic shop with a small wince.
“I walked all the way out here just for that shop only to see it’s been closed for what looks like a very long time.” The boy shrugged and looked up at the shop.
“It closed about a year ago, some drama with the owner of the shop that forced her to close it and leave town like her hair was on fire.” He said in nonchalantly and looked back at me.
“Don’t tell me you’re one of those teenagers that got hold of a spell book, read about this place on the internet and came down here for some ingredients for a stupid love spell so you can have the boy you’ve been crushing on for a while” he said bitterly.

I blinked at his abrupt change of tone and shook my head. “No, I came out here because I’m studying a new religion for my history class in school and thought that this place would have a way for me to find answers to questions that are proving to be quite elusive” I replied with a small shrug.
He cocked his head to the side and regarded me in interest. “And what religion are you studying?”
I bit my lip and mulled over whether I should tell him or not.
“Voodoo” I said softly.
His face went carefully blank as his eyes narrowed slightly.
“Voodoo? The religion you’re studying is Voodoo?” he shook his head. “No offence, but I think you shouldn’t be studying a religion like Voodoo, it’s not something to be toyed around with simply because it looks like the darkest one besides Satanism.”
I scowled at him and planted my hands on my hips. “That’s not why I picked Voodoo” I replied defensively then clamped my mouth shut and stared down at my shoes.

I heard him walking closer to me, his footsteps shuffling along the concrete of the footpath, drawing him closer and closer until his ratty shoes entered my field of vision.
“Look, if you’re serious about Voodoo, I might be able to help you out” he murmured. I looked back up at him. “Why would you help me?” He scowled and shrugged again.
“I just know how frustrating it can be to have questions and no answers” I narrowed my eyes at his obvious lie but let it go.
“I suppose I could use your help” I muttered.
He barked out a laugh and held his hand out for me to shake it, I gingerly grasped his hand then let go and dropped my hand back to my side.
“My name is Jonah Tongatapu” he said with a smile.
“Alvera Stevens” he nodded and turned to walk away.
“I’ll be in touch Alvera” he said as he walked away and vanished behind the abandoned magic shop.

Frowning for felt like the hundredth time that day, I turned and started walking back. How would he be in touch with me? We didn’t exchange numbers or anything. Biting my lip, I looked back over my shoulder and saw nothing but the salmon pink shop and near empty street.
A part of me was hoping that he would be in touch, he peaked my curiosity and maybe he could tell me where I could find a place that would give me the answers that I was desperate for.
Sighing again, I slowly made my way home  to do more research on the magic shop, Voodoo and hopefully the mysterious Jonah Tongatapu.  

The End

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