New demons and old alike.Mature

The day had passed quickly and I had made my decision as I dropped off of Alvera at her house. I zipped through the traffic towards the house, a cold smile reverberating from my face. Tonight they would pay. Every last damn one of them.

I pulled into my father’s driveway, opening my door quickly and moving to make this pit stop quick  and easy. I breezed past Tara without a word as she glared me down, moving towards my target, the computer room. I shoved my flash drive into the USB port quickly, making towards the document that would solve my problems.

I printed off the instructions, these frail, small pieces of paper held on them something powerful… Something that I desperately needed. I folded these papers up and shoved them into my pockets, when my ears pricked and I heard a sound that caused my heart to drop into my throat. The door turning and unlocking to the sound of Dad’s key.

I stood, paralyzed, as I heard him say hello to Tara. Then move quickly up the stairs and walked into the computer room a malice filled glare aimed at me. He set his coat down, his briefcase and continued to give me that same cold look.

His husky frame loomed over me, even though I wasn’t small myself, but he was built like a rhino. He cocked his head a bit to the right, dark brown hair cropped in a very neat fashion, his brown eyes boring through me with the amount of all that hate that he had in his body. Then it came.

The stinging, painful backhand that sent me reeling onto the ground, head crashing onto the edge of the mahogany desk. I saw stars and I gasped for my breath desperately, trying to get up, using all of my muscle to attempt to get away from the monster who’d made me. He didn’t like this, sending a cracking heel down onto my hand that was attempting to pull myself off of the ground with the help of the edge of the chair.

“Worthless.” He whispered in my ear, “That’s all the fuck you are Hayden. Worthless, I can’t even stand to look at you anymore…” He released my hand from beneath his heel and walked out. Telling me to make myself as scarce as possible for the night.

I struggled to my feet, tears and blood dripping onto the floor, and stars spinning around in my vision still. I managed to get down to my car, Tara laughing at the fact I was the one who got beat on and not her. I Covered my head with my hand, vowing to myself that tonight, I would make him suffer as much as he had made me suffer.

It was getting late after the bleeding had stopped and I got the supplies I would need to complete the ritual for which I craved. I put the robes on, and then took off as the sun went down to find a nice, abandoned place to conduct the ritual at. I came to an old neighborhood filled with large, abandoned brick houses. I browsed them I found one which struck me as the perfect place, abandoned, but not decrepit to the point where I would fall through the floor. The best part though? It was secluded, farther down at the end of the block, hidden between most of the other houses. I smiled, parking the car and taking all of my equipment, looking for a good point of entry.

Finally I went around the back end of the house to find a window which was broken open and only had a few boards covering it. I managed to pull off the wooden safeguard and crawled through, nearly cutting my legs on the sharp glass. I moved around, surveying the very dark cold house. Filled with dust, cobwebs and…. A sense of tragedy? I stopped, my heart pounding in my chest, I felt something had happened here…. Something that hurt a lot of people, and I moved into the one room that was the farthest to the back.

Bringing out the snowy white chalk and the directions I did as was instructed, drawing a five pointed star facing down within a circle. I took out the 5 silver candles, places each of them at the end of one of the points of the star. Finally I brought up the hood on my head, and the knife from my pocket, whispering a small blessing over it before I split open a small portion of my palm with a cry, the blood splattering onto the circle. My body racked with pain as I convulsed the words that would bring forth the spirit of vengeance I craved.

“Spirit! By my blood I bring you to this world, now come forth and quench the thirst for wrath that I feel!” My voice echoed loudly throughout the abandoned house and then for a split moment it was almost as if it came back straight into my throat. Then nothing. I stood there for five minutes waiting for something and… Still nothing, I let out a breath exasperatedly, about to voice my request once again, but that’s when I felt an invisible hand reach out of the circle, dragging me by the cloak into join it in the circle, I let out a scream and struggled until I finally saw what it was that was dragging me. And my jaw dropped to the floor almost.

Whoever said demons were disgusting, and ugly, were wrong. So very, very wrong. The man standing in front of me was beyond handsome, beyond human beauty, he WAS perfection. His long blonde hair spilled down from his tanned neck, past his shoulders in a way that was gentle yet powerful. He wore a white dress shirt and charcoal pants. When he smiled his teeth were as bright white as stars, and his eyes were a deep violet color. He rubbed my cheek with his hand softly and I could feel the air leave me.

“Such a young boy…” He purred, his voice was like honey drizzling from his mouth, “Very cute too. I haven’t seen such a good looking human specimen in such a long time….” He cocked his head and his eyes stared into mine for a few moments, but not in the romantic way. It was as if he literally transferred himself through those unnatural eyes and through my body, hunting out my weaknesses, everything about me. Then he purred with delight, bringing me closer into him.

“So you want to cause your enemies pain do you?...” He asked, knowing well the answer already, “Well I can do that… I do have a fee though…. You see demons can’t go without a host, but my dear boy. Your body will be very sufficient payment.” He smiled as I began to struggle, screaming for help, for anyone. He laughed at this and brought my ear to him closely so I could hear him better.

“Don’t worry,” He said, drawing his hand around my neck, “I’ll make it quick, then the only thing left will be your rotting conscience inside your soul, and soon that will evaporate too.” He moved his other hand around my neck, I tried to scream, I tried to struggle but I knew it was useless. The end would come no matter how hard I tried.

That’s when the wind picked up, unlike what it had been before, and suddenly the windows burst open, the wood cracking and glass shattering everywhere to show the light of the full moon pouring in. The being released me, and I quickly moved away from him, back towards the wall, when I saw a shape pass through the doorway and into the room.

“You have no place in my house.” The new boy spoke firmly, “Now leave.” The demon chuckled, drawing the boy in closer.

“Who do you think you are?” He cackled, pulling the boy in by the arm, “You have no power over me!” He began laughing until the boy took off his necklace, placing it in the palm of his hand and shoving it straight into the demon’s forehead. The demon’s voice turned into a quiet shriek, eyes rolling into the back of his head and seeming to evaporate into a snow like substance.

The boy then broke the circle of chalk with his sneaker and the evil presence that had been looming over the house left. That’s when I got a good look at him. He was taller than me, a light tan kissing his skin, and wavy obsidian colored hair that fell to a little above his neck. But the thing that got me the most were his eyes, a mix between an icy blue and grey. He turned and I moved quickly towards the door, scrambling to get up, when I found him reaching out a hand to help me to my feet.

I was hesitant at first, but then I realized if he wanted me dead, I would already be bleeding out probably. He stared at me curiously, then his eyes moved over to the moon questioningly. When his gaze returned to mine he was ready to talk once more.

“You’re stupid for doing that ritual,” He said, “You should be glad I came here when I did, and that I liked you enough to make sure you stayed in existence.”

“W-Wh-Who are you?” I managed to stutter out, and then he cocked his head and looked at me curiously for a moment. Then he released my arm and walked towards the window sill, propping himself up in an indian style position.

“My name is Caleb.” He whispered, barely loud enough for me to hear, “My soul is bound to this place… I’m your spirit guide now I suppose…” He looked over at me one last time, somewhat pityingly.

“You should leave, you’re too shaken at the moment to talk about all this. Go home, leave this place, and I’ll come to you in your dreams when the time is right.” He waved his hand and I ran out of the house quickly, ripping through cob webs and climbing out of the window and stumbling into the car, starting it and then peeling out as quick as I could… My mind was going a mile a minute, but one thought was clear:
I wanted the answers that boy carried with him.

The End

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