Discovering VoodooMature

The history and beliefs on New Orleans Voodoo…”
My eyes widened at all of the details I managed to pull up on the computer with the history of Voodoo. They had everything that I thought was just superstitions passed around from ear to ear that were intended to intimidate and scare those that weren’t aware.
With a smile blossoming on my face, I read on further and further, my interest in the religion growing more and more with every detail that I managed to take in with just one reading.
“What’re you reading Alvera?” my father asked me as he peered at the computer screen.
“Reading up on a religion for a project in my History class” I murmured.
I felt my father stiffen from behind me. “And your project is about Voodoo?” he asked me softly.
“Yes, we had to pick a religion to study and present to the class, so my pick was Voodoo” I said with a small shrug.
He stepped back from me and puffed out a long sigh. “Alvera, I don’t think Voodoo is the best choice, maybe you should pick Christianity or Catholicism” he suggested.
I frowned and turned to face him. “Why? There’s nothing wrong with studying Voodoo, besides, I’ve already submitted my religion choice with my teacher so now I have to stick with it”
“Stick with what?” My mother asked as she walked into the dining area where I currently sat with my laptop. My father gestured toward my laptop with a frown, “Alvera is studying Voodoo for her History project on religion.” My mother’s eyes widened in shock as she and my father looked at each other.
“What? What’s wrong with my studying Voodoo?” I asked them in confusion.
“It’s just that…Voodoo isn’t the best religion for you to be studying Alvera” My father murmured.
“That still doesn’t answer my question” I argued.
“I’m sorry but we’re not going to allow you to study something like Voodoo, you have no idea what that religion entitles and the trouble that is always linked with it” I frowned at my mother but picked up my laptop to head off to my room.
Confusion swirled around inside me. What was so bad about Voodoo that it had my parents almost forbidding me from studying it? Did they know more about it than I did? Was there something else that had them holding me back from it?
I stared at the page on my computer and shook my head in exasperation. Whether they liked it or not, I was going to study it anyway. The small sip of information I had on this religion had me craving more and more until my mind was full with enough information to satisfy my curiosity.
I made a mental not to visit the local library tomorrow before I shut down my laptop and got into bed.  
                                                                *    *    *  

With my nose buried in the book I had managed to get from the library, I wondered the halls at school, my eyes taking in every word and picture to do with Voodoo, I wasn’t watching where I was going properly and ended up slamming into somebody.
Looking up, I saw Jared staring down at the book I was reading.
“Voodoo?” He questioned mockingly. “You’re studying Voodoo? Jesus and I thought you were pathetic enough Alvera” I ducked my head to avoid looking at him and slowly grabbed my book.
“It’s for History” I mumbled quietly.
“Speak up, I can’t hear you” Jared snapped.
“I said it’s for History” I murmured louder.
Jared laughed and snatched the book out of my hands to study it. He roughly flipped through the pages, scowling and shaking his head he threw the book down the hall before rolling his eyes.
“Voodoo is nothing but something wannabes study, which clearly, is what you are Alvera” Jared said with a snicker and sauntered away.
Tears blurred my vision when I retrieved the book from the floor and slowly made my way toward my locker.
If Voodoo really was as dark as it is depicted to be, then maybe I could use it to help me get even with everyone that had wronged me. Maybe I could make them hurt how they made me hurt for years on end. Watch as they live day by day in endless agony and helpless pain.
The thought appealed to me, the picture in my head of my many tormentors going through the same kind of thing as I did had a smile stretching my lips.
Maybe…just for once, I could be the one on top, it could be me looking down at their tear stained faces in grim satisfaction and sinister type of justice.
Hugging the book to my body, I hurried along to my locker, anxious to get to a computer to do more research.

The End

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