Cutting the stringsMature

I knew Isaac was an asshole, an emotionally abusive, using and cruel asshole. But he knew how much he had just hurt me, flaunting that whore around on his arm to make me feel jealous because I wouldn't go running back into his arms to be his secret. I told Alvera I needed a moment as I headed into the bathroom, collapsing in tears within one of the stalls. I couldn't help how I felt about him, I couldn't help who I was and that I liked guys...

So why did they have to all hate me? I couldn't understand it all... People were just so hateful to others who weren't the same as them... I grabbed the liquor from my bag, downing the bottle quickly, trickles of whiskey tracing down my chin. The tears slowly stopped as I wobbled up to my feet, stumbling out of the bathroom. I looked in the mirror and closed my eyes so I didn't have to face my reflection, the boy who I didn't want to be....

I walked out of the bathroom to my last class, once getting there being reprimanded by the teacher for being late, I just sighed and sat down. Snickers already rising up out of the people beside me, that's about when I remembered Isaac was in this class with me. I took a deep breath as the whiskey worked it's magic as it coursed through my veins.

This way I didn't have to worry about getting hurt emotionally, because the alcohol in my blood deadened all of my emotions, everything. I didn't have to feel a damn thing. At this I smiled softly to myself, and I made it through the rest of that class just fine.

After I had dropped off Alvera I went home quickly, knowing that this time around it wouldn't just be my kind step father there. I sighed as I could already envision my mother bitching about me in front of Tristan and Luke. I bit my lips as I pulled into the driveway, she was already waiting for me by the door... That wasn't usually good.

"Oh good you're home," Her voice vibrated coldly, "Your father called. You'll be leaving for his house tomorrow. But Luke, Tristan, and I are going to go and visit Luke's parents for the weekend. So you'll be going there tonight, get your bags together and go. Now." I stopped dead, Luke coming out and shaking his head, he could do absolutely nothing with my mother as she had her mind set.

I nodded slowly, moving past both of them to go and get my clothes and the remainder of my things. I didn't want to go to dad's, as much as it sucked over at my mother's house and least I didn't leave with bruises. I shuddered softly as I loaded all of my stuff into my bag and into my car, taking my time but making sure that I got it done quick enough to where mom  wouldn't scream at me and make a huge scene in front of Tristan. With a final shudder I closed the trunk of my car, hugged Tristan and Luke goodbye, giving my mother nothing more than a mere wave.

It took me about 10 minutes to get over to dad's house, and when I did the door was already unlocked, the ruling little bitch of the house sitting on her sofa watching some stupid reality TV Show. Her long brown hair braided down her back in a pony tail, dark green eyes darting over quickly to see who had come in and then quickly moving back to the screen. Her long, slender arms moved up only once with a snicker to flip me the bird.

"Yeah. Great to see you too, Tara." I muttered, giving her the finger right back and moving past her to go to my room which was upstairs. Once I got there, I flipped open my laptop and decided to look up some information on my religion for my history project. I sighed though as I clicked on a link, waiting for it to load.

I was sick of being used, I was sick of being mistreated. I just wanted to be free to live my own life without any persecution from people who knew literally close to nothing about me.... I was sick of having my strings pulled on by all of these people to fit their own needs.
 That's when the screen loaded up to a website sporting a strange symbol, and the words 'get even with your enemies, let the spirit world stop your tortures with this simple ritual'.

I stopped, I usually didn't believe in silly things like this but... I was desperate, I downloaded all of the steps to do this ritual, and then smiled coldly. This puppet had found a way to cut it's strings.

The End

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