Projects and BulliesMature

Another day in hell where cruelty was thrown around like some distorted friendship ball.
There was only one perk to coming to school every day.

I glanced over at Hayden and smiled, having him as a friend made this hell hole a little bit easier to deal with, knowing that somebody else went through nearly the exact same thing as I was helped more than I thought it would.
“What class do you have now?” Hayden asked me was we walked into the school building.
“History with Mr Bridges” I muttered with small wince. Hayden smiled and showed me his timetable.
 “We’re in the same class” he said.
I grinned at him, “That’s great” I said happily.
We made our way toward History class and took our seats, ignoring the jeers; Hayden and I faced the front and listened to the teacher lay out our project information about the histories of various religions within society.
“Any questions?” Mr Bridges asked the class. The male next to me raised his hand.
“Can we choose more than one religion?” He asked. Mr Bridges shook his head and waited for more question, when there was nothing else, he let us discuss our projects before dismissing us to go to lunch.
Feeling a small bubble of excitement, I studied the piece of paper Mr Bridges handed out as Hayden and I walked from class toward the school cafeteria. 
“What religion are you going to choose?” He asked me.
Without taking my eyes from my paper I smiled and said, “I think I want to choose Voodoo, how about you?”
Hayden hummed in thought for a moment, “I’m going to choose the Wiccan religion” he murmured.
 I scowled and read the small description on the Wiccan religion. “Why that one?” I asked curiously.
Hayden shrugged and folded his piece of paper to put it into his bag.
“I just think it looks interesting” he muttered with another shrug. Nodding, I put my paper away as we reached the cafeteria.
We found an empty table to sit down and have our food.
Our peace lasted all of five minutes before one of the football players strode over with a girl clinging to hi arm like a lifeline.
“See Brittany, be glad you’re with a real man like me instead of a fag like Hayden” the football player said with a sneer. Brittany giggled and plastered herself against him. “Of course I’m glad to be with you Isaac” she all but purred.
I looked over to Hayden and saw him stiff as a board and avoiding eye contact with everyone, he hunched down into his seat more and remained perfectly still as Isaac and Brittany sauntered away, laughing with their friends.
“Hayden, are you okay?” I asked him quietly. He only shrugged and continued to remain silent.
Not knowing what to do, I walked around to his side of the table to pat his back in support and small gesture of caring that I could give him.
My heart ached for Hayden, if I were him, I would’ve broken a long time ago, but there must be something truly strong within Hayden to be able to continue on day by day with all of the bullying he had to deal with.
“Just ignore that him Hayden, anybody would be lucky to have you” I whispered to him. He turned his head to look at me with a small smile on his face.
“You think so?” he asked, his eyes shimmering with unshed tears.
Smiling, I nodded. “I know so.”
His smiled grew a fraction, “thank you, Alvera” he whispered
“You’re welcome” I said sincerely.
Throughout lunch, Hayden still remained closed within himself and sitting low in his seat, but at least he wasn’t hiding his face from me and being completely effected by the horrible thing Isaac had said.
Or at least, he wasn’t showing any signs of being hurt more than I originally thought.
 I heaved out a tired sigh.
Sometimes; life was just too unfair to the wrong people.

The End

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