My father's sonMature

The day after Isaac attempted to talk to me was just as usual. More jeering, tears, and another bottle of liquor downed out of pure desperation and agony. I drove Alvera home and  waved goodbye, saying that I would see her tomorrow.

When I got home, mom's blue Lincoln wasn't there, but Luke's Black escalade was. I smiled, I loved my step father as he was probably the best parent I've ever had, even though we weren't blood related. That and he gave me my brother, Tristan.

He looked a lot like me, as we shared the same mother, but he had the better personality of his father. He was the sweet blonde haired, blue eyed little boy I had fell in love with the second we took him home from the hospital. He was incredibly intelligent for his age, and also one of the genuinely kind people someone could ever wish to meet.

I got out of the car right as the door opened to my little brother come rushing out to me squealing. I let out a big grin and swooped him up in my arms, spinning him around and then setting him back down on the ground with a tussle to the hair as he giggled.

"Hayden, daddy's home for the week!" He screamed, Jumping in excitement since neither of us hardly ever got to see him. Whenever he stepped out I felt almost the exact same as Tristan, my daddy was home again.

His short brown hair shimmered a bit as he made his way towards us, slight wrinkles under his warm green eyes. His small black frame of his glasses sat, poised on his nose. He must've just gotten off of work, as he still had on his light blue dress shirt and sand colored tan pants.

"There's my boys," He said, pulling us both into a tight hug, "I've missed you all so much. I'm glad to be home, even if it is just for a week." He chuckled at this and then beckoned us into the house, saying that we should go out and eat something since mom would be coming home late and that he wanted to spend some time with us alone anyhow. Tristan nodded at this quickly, galloping up the stairs to his room to grab his jacket and his shoes.

"Have you been okay Hayden?" Luke asked, keeping his voice down so Tristan wouldn't hear the conversation, "Your mother said that you two had an argument yesterday, I know she's a bitch to you all the time. It's only whenever you've really had it bad you defend yourself."

"No, actually. The bullying has only gotten worse since I came out," I whispered, my voice beginning to shake a bit, "And Isaac is trying to well... He's trying to do it again." Luke gave me a sympathetic look and put his hand on my shoulder.

"Hayden don't listen to them," He said, "You're a good kid, you're bright and you had the guts to stand up and be yourself. So don't let those people, even your mother try and get you down. They're not worth it." He smiled at me and I smiled back, the conversation ended right as Tristan came hopping down the stairs grinning as we decided we would go to the nearby country restaurant that had the huge steaks that we could chow down on.

I smiled as we got into Luke's car, Tristan and I sitting in the back together as Luke drove. We cracked a few jokes and caught up on  the time we had lost so much of to schedules. Luke was telling a story of how he had accidentally dropped a roll of toilet paper into a plane's toilet when my phone buzzed softly. I figured it would be Alvera, so I pulled it out quickly and my heart sank into my stomach. It was Isaac.

"Hayden, baby please. I just want to talk to you.... I know I've been horrible but please. I want another chance." I glared down at my phone and then hid the tears one last time as I typed out a final angry text before turning my phone off, and returning to my family, away from the past. It read like this:

"Don't call me baby. You didn't stand by me then, you haven't stood by me now and you broke my heart. I don't want to be your secret, I don't want to be your 'experiment with the same sex'. I don't want something I could never have in the first place, just leave me alone Isaac."

The End

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