The house that's not a homeMature

We drove in silence for several minutes, I was still choking on the fact I stood up for someone. She looked exactly as I felt at the moment, in desperate need of a friend. I looked ahead of me, holding the steering wheel in a death grip. How long had it been since I had a friend? A few months now, or maybe…

Maybe I never even had any friends at all. After all they turned on me so damn quick… None of them must have given a damn about me in the first place, I bit my lip as a tear slithered down my cheek. Alvera seemed to notice an looked over at me questioningly. I returned the look with a shy smile, hiding the fact that the crack in my heart just grew a little wider.

We pulled up in front of her house and she smiled, nodding a goodbye, as she motioned for the door though I made a split second decision. I asked her to wait just a moment, pulling out a small sticky note and pen, scribbling down my name and number quickly before handing it to her.

“Text me if you ever want a ride to or from school,” I said, “You don’t live all that far from me, and I don’t want you getting hurt, besides. I could use the company.” She looked down at the number for a moment questioningly then let a smile cross her face as she thanked me, saying she’d take me up on that. She ran into her house and I let out a soft sigh, because I knew where I was going now.

I pulled away grimacing at the thought of the look my mother would give me the second I walked through the door. I knew she hated me now, she wanted the perfect son, one who would find a beautiful young girl and go to the best college and be her perfect little ball of clay she could mold into whatever she wanted. Unfortunately for her though fate didn’t have that, and she was stuck with what she called ‘the biggest mistake of her life’.

I tried not to cry, I really did. But all of a sudden the tears just poured down from my face, forcing me to veer off to the side of the road. Gasping for air, gasping to breathe life back into my now empty lungs. I began to retch from  the unending sobs, stumbling out of the drivers seat to fall to the side of the road, unable to vomit as there was nothing to let out of my stomach. I sat there trying to regain control as I shakily got to my feet, slowly creeping back into the car and made it back to the house.

I looked at the sizeable house, and you could tell we had money. We were by no means at all billionaires but we did have quite a bit of money we could spare, but for all the comforts money could buy, there was a thousand others that were priceless, the house didn't contain any of these.

All of the money was mainly due to the fact my step father was a big business man who was away about 70% of the time. I actually loved the man, and he felt the same towards me, being the only one of my family other than my little brother to be supportive of my coming out. He was what I wanted in a father, Lucas was very kind and understanding to me. Unfortunately though he was hardly there, so I was left with my overly religious bitch of a mother.

I walked through the door and there stood the wicked witch herself. She looked at the opening door with an icy glare, blue eyes flashing with irritation to see that her least favorite person had returned. She was in her business dress still, must have just gotten off of work at her accountant job. Her long brown hair falling down her shoulders, her face still looking young as ever but her never ceasing frown was still creased upon her face.

“Oh. So you’re home,” She said, icy words reverberating around the room, “Good. It’s about time. What took so long? You know if you’re going to be late to tell me.” I looked at the clock, it was only five minutes past the time I usually came home.

“I dropped a friend off,” I said frowning, I wasn’t in the mood for another fight, “And I was only five minutes later than when I usually get home.” She glared at me, her eyes saying everything.

“Don’t talk to me like that,” She growled, “I am your mother, and you will respect me. Especially since you pulled that little stunt. I mean honestly, what in the hell were you thinking Hayden-“ I shook my head there, walking past her and up the stairs, but right before I reached the door I looked back at her.

“Maybe I was thinking that it was time for me to stop lying about who I was.” I hissed as my eyes shimmered with the coming tears, “Maybe I thought you would stand by me for once instead of abandoning me emotionally because I’m not your perfect Ken doll you can manipulate.” With that I walked down the hall into my room. Slamming the door and putting in my headphones to try and drown out my thoughts and the sniffles as I cried.

The End

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