-6 months ago-

I pulled into the school parking lot, pulling into my usual spot and putting the car into park. I took one last look in the mirror to make sure I looked presentable. Straightening up my dark blond hair up a bit as my bluish green eyes stared back at me. Then I tried to put on a smile, but I couldn't, as I knew exactly what was awaiting me whenever I walked through those god-forsaken doors.

I pulled up my hood with a sigh, being the school faggot wasn't a reputation I was hoping to earn after I came out of the closet. Unfortunately though people in this town clung too much to old, judgmental ways that were rooted down into their blood. Thus I was promptly kicked off of the football team due to the football coaches being 'god fearing men' who didn't want me to 'destroy the morale of the team', lost all of my friends, and now my parents could hardly even stand to look at me.

The jeers began as I walked through the door, the words 'faggot', 'queer', and 'cock sucker' being tossed around the most. The fact this has been going on for several months didn't make an ounce of difference, I could still feel the searing knife of the insults slicing into my heart. I took a deep breath as I reached my locker, putting in the combination quickly and when I did two notes with the words 'sinful wretch' and 'burn in hell homo' written on them in permanent marker. I stopped and bit my lips, trying not to show weakness as I grabbed my books.

As soon as I closed the locker though I felt a hand slam my head into the sharp edges of the metal and I grimaced as the skin split open and released streaming crimson tears.
The jocks, my former friends laughed hysterically as I tried to get up as the blood dripped down my forehead and onto the ground.

"I told you the Gay-wad likes it rough!" Isaac, my former best friend howled  as he continued laughing, "Gives him a stiffy every time he gets to see his own blood!" His reddish brown hair bounced with his ripped muscle, his dark green eyes filled with malicious pleasure they continued laughing as I tried to steady myself to my feet, holding my hand to my head to attempt to stop the blood.

"Fuck off." I growled, holding up my middle finger as I grabbed my bags and walked to class, where I grabbed a few tissues and pushed them against my forehead. After 2 or 3 minutes it finally stopped bleeding and I threw away the now soaked pieces of paper. Hoping that that would be the worst to happen to me that day. But unfortunately for me, it wasn't.

For the most part, until lunch, all I got was more name calling, not anymore physical abuse. When I sat down with my tray I was alone at the table, which I was more than used to. No one wanted to be associated with the school homosexual (other than the jeers I constantly got), unless they wanted to completely ruin their reputation and run the risk of being lose all of their friends as I once had. That's when I noticed two track members walking over to me, no snickers, no mean grins, just polite smiles.

One of them I believe was named Ross and the other was named Jeremy. Ross was skinny, slightly short, with slight stubble, dark brown hair, slightly tanned skin and dark brown eyes.  Jeremy was tall with light dirty blonde hair, incredibly toned muscles, dark blue eyes and slightly pale complexion.

"Hey do you mind if we sit with you?" Ross asked, "You seemed kind of lonely." I looked down for a moment, pondering it and then looked back up at him.

"Ugh, yeah," I stuttered, "Go ahead." Then Ross let out a smirk as Jeremy let out a cackle.

"Wow, Isaac was right! He really does have no friends!" He laughed and then stared back down at me tauntingly, as he shoved my pasta into my lap, "But what do you expect from such a stupid faggot? Maybe if he would've kept his mouth shut and chose to be normal he might still have some!" They both laughed as Ross spit into the open milk carton on my tray, walking away laughing as I fought the tears streaming down my cheeks. I got up and went over to the trash can, getting napkins to wipe off the sauce and noodles from my white shirt, which now had a giant reddish orange stain. I dumped what was left of my lunch into the trash. I went back to my table and heard and saw people whispering with soft giggles.

I didn't bother getting a different tray, or even eating. because the empty pit in my stomach ate away at everything inside of me.

The End

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