meaning behind my name

My birth name is Twylite, it's prnounced just like the movie Twilight but just spelled a different way =] thankfully i was born way before it ever came out cause who am i kidding no one belives me even to this point that its my real name or they just ask if i'm saying that...or ask if im a fan of it (HELLO) who isn't a fan DUH!!!! :D but the name i really wanted to talk bout was my Native American name yes i know what y'all are thinking i look white....or how are you even Native??? well i get it through my dad hes Oneida its the name of are tribe if you guys didnt know what that was but anywho back to my other name lol Kakuhsi.yo is my Oneida name i just got it like a month ago i think...I was gone from school for like a week and it was during finals i skipped school and risked failing all my classes to get this name so in a way i earned it wouldn't you think. so anywho my sister shannon and i went to the mid-winter cermonies they asked for our family tree or are tribal card its a thing they have to do cause white people aren't aloud to the cermonies cause the elders think the white are trying to take the last thing we have heyyy yall took are land dont take the last thing that is ritvully where was i...Ohhhh yeahh then we had to write down stuff that was significante about us so i did so and i think i wrote broad-minded, funny, nice, always laughing and so on, usually the cermonies last for 5 days can go on for 6. on the last day is when my name "Kakuhsi.yo" was given to me by one of the elders....she thought me how to pronounce it ohhh yeah ill even teach you in a bit but but she also told me what it ment and why she has given me this name i thought it was kinda cool why...baha but yeah the way to pronounce it is Ga-Goo-Si-yo it means good face if you were wondering and now its guna be on my birth certificate as a middle name so now ima have two midddle names

The End

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