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"It's time for your dinner dear." my so called caretaker said as she came through the door. They always talked so sweet to you here. They made it sound like they actually cared about you, but you knew that on the inside they only thought of you as freaks that will never have a place in society.

"Not hungry." I said as she put the tray on my bed. I havn't eaten for a few days. I don't like the food here. It makes my stomach churn by just looking at it. My caretaker ignored me completly and shoved a spoonful of... something in my mouth. I swallowed obediently. 'Just do what I say and don't make this harder than this has to be' is what my caretaker always would say.

She stuck another spoonful of that something up to my mouth. I grabbed her hand and bent it backwards until I heard it snap. "I said I'm not hungry."I told her as she screamed in pain and shock. She was glaring at me through her tears.

"Doctor, doctor. We need to sedate a patient." She smiled at me wickedly. I pulled my fist back like I was going to hit her. She shrieked and covered her head with her arms. I laughed. I hadn't noticed the doctor that came in. He grabbed me from behind.               

"Time to go night night." He said as he stabbed the needle into my arm. He led me to the bed and I layed down. I needed the sleep. I havn't been able to..sleep for.. a.. while... and... and... everythink went black.

The End

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