Mean Sunday SupperMature

Emma Tatum a spinster, finds a unique way to fertilizer her lush garden with the corpses of bums and outcast.

Emma Tatum loved to cook and entertain her homeless gentlemen friends.  She was a vegetarian and made creative dishes that burst with flavor.  Her decrepit home was set on an isolated hill which was unnaturally quiet, not even a bird could be heard.  A rank odor with no visible source hung in the air.  As one's eye's fell on Emma's backyard the first thing you'd notice was her lush vegetable garden.  She used a different fertilizer for each vegetable she planted.  It took a lot of Emma's time and energy but it was well worth the effort.

Emma loved helping those less fortunate than her.  That's why she volunteered to cook 6 evening a week at Salvation Savior Homeless Shelter.  The shelter was a delapidated building in walking distance of her home.  It had all began five years back when one evening while cooking at the shelter she'd met Farley Dunlop a drifter from Abiline.   Farley had limped into the shelter on a tree branch cane...(to be continued)

The End

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