My hotel room

                 The mysterious looking group of men standing outside his window was his worry, what had he done? Who were they? Those were his thoughts. To make matters worse the “Hotel” he was staying in was practically deserted, apart from the owner and a homeless man sitting by the front door. So no one to help if they came up, he hesitantly pushed the dusty wiry net curtains to the side to see the 5 big men standing in the eerily quite alley. The only sounds he could here, was the cars a few streets down, and the unsettling voice of the dark figure which must be the leader of this nightmare. It was as if he was boxed in, he couldn’t leave, they’d follow. He couldn’t stay, they’d come up. The tall buildings only left a thin long alley for them to stand in; he also noticed a few stray cats amongst their presence. The mud stained steps leading to the back door were almost non existent after being so worn down by hard shoes, the door wouldn’t even shut. Won’t be long now. He shut his eyes, thinking that if he couldn’t see them, they wouldn’t be there, but that’s just a silly child’s game, and even though hoping with all his might, when he opened his eye so slightly,  two piecing blue eyes were staring right back at him

The End

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