Goodbye Doesn't Cover it

Time seemed to freeze. The look on her face I knew would stay with me forever. Time began to come back when there was a sharp triangle of orange light coming for an open door, bleeding into the empty street. She was breathing heavily and she collapsed to the ground. 

A new voice came from the house in a loud whisper, "I saw from the window. Bring her in quick." 

The man took Rosaline into his arms and rushed her into the dark sitting room. She was heaving, all I could do was stare. All the questions in my mind form before had disappeared. Who was this man who came to my friend's rescue? Would my kidnappers have discovered our disappearance yet? 

"She's been stabbed in the chest. Get me a towel from the bathroom." He was very calm and seemed to know what he was doing. Although, one question was in my mind. 

"Why aren't you calling an ambulance?" I said this with too much force in my voice making it sound like I was angry. 

No one answered. "Why not? Call one!" I exclaimed. There were just two people over her. By this point a dark stain of blood had seeped through her white cotton shirt, allowing me to see the extent of her wound. She was lying there, her chest moving heavily, eyes closed. I was making little groaning noises in my panic. 

"Sit down love. Try to calm down a bit eh?" Mum sounded like I was over reacting. Calm down? My best friends was lying on the floor bleeding to death! How on earth could I calm down? I couldn't find the strength to say this. 

About ten minutes passed of this hell. There was a mumbling between the man and mum every few minutes saying things like "Keep the pressure there." Suddenly everything went silent and they exchanged a look. 

She'd gone. Just like that. An hour ago we were running for our lives, and now she's lost her's. 

"Goodbye." I whispered as I started to cry.

The End

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