Long Night

We ran. That was the only way I could describe it. Each breath was painful and each step even more so. We both followed my mother without saying a word, never asking where we were going, or if she even knew. And we ran, the steps were increasing and i could hear my best friend wheeze beside me.

As I ran I remembered walking into the music building, wishing for that moment and remembering how much I didn't want to be there. Now I would trade anything to be at least safe, and not thinking I was about to be murdered. After about 20 minutes of running in the dark mum slowed and came to a stop beside a house. It didn't look particularly grand, one you would pass in the street without thinking twice about it. We took a break and hid behind a row of wheelie bins. We were all gasping for air and grabbing our stomachs. This was when the hunger and thirst struck hard inside me. My stomach started to cramp and there was a wave of sickness. But food was the last thing to think about now. No one said a word as we sat in silence. 

Seconds felt like minutes and when the silence was broken it made me jump slightly. 

"Right, what we're about to do is extremely dangerous, and could make us run even further. We must stay calm whatever happens. stay close, I love you." This was the first time I saw genuine fear in my mother's eyes. I wanted to cry. Rosaline was crying. 

She jumped up, I had no idea where her energy came from. We followed. As we approached the door I felt a firm grip on my shoulder. Mum knocked on the dirty white door quietly. I turned to see what was holding my shoulder.


The End

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