The past few days felt like months. My mother was kneeling by the side of my chair looking at me, her eyes swollen and watery. She had also had a dirty rag in her mouth. I could tell because I could see the dirt and red marks where I could feel mine would be later, hopefully. 

"I'm so sorry. How are we going to get you two out of here then eh?" I recognised the tone in her voice, trying so hard to stay calm but the quivering in her voice gave her away instanlty. She was tugging frantically at my wrists to try and free the ropes. The movement of my arms felt so nice, like taking off a very tight pair of shoes at the end of the day, but one hundred times better. I felt the blood rushing back into my hands, all the way to my finger tips. 

I quickly tore the cloth out of my mouth and helped Rosaline to expereance the same freedom I felt, alothough the danger was creeping up and up. 

All my thoughts were gathering up at once. How where we going to get out of here? They locked the door, no windows and it was qutie sturdy. We couldn't knock it down anyway, the noise was sure to get us caught. Mum was moving so quickly she looked blured, or was it the fact my eyes were so heavy my view of the world was not real anymore? She grabbed the small light from the table she must have been unconscious under. 

She took a long deep breath and focused on the mammouth task to save our lives. The silence was broken with a loud sharp bang at the lock and door handle. There was a small dent, but still firmly locked. She turned round to look at the two of us looking intently towards the door. 

Each breath was like a chore, an effort to just keep going. Rosaline took a sharp intake of breath and continued to sob into my shoulder. I think it was just pure relief that she was still alive. I was looking at Rosaline. Then there was a shockwave through the air, and there was the field. 

The End

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