Simple, was it?

Words couldn't describe how I was feeling All my emotions were mixed together and making me feel nauseous I staggered back from the note and looked at in on Mum's bed. I didn't know what to feel. Angry at mum for keeping this from me? Frustrated that I couldn't do anything about this.

I picked the note up and went downstaris. It was more of a familiar place to be where I could be comforted. The sound of the phone seemed to be drowned out by my thoughts. Then I snapped out of it and ran to the phone.

"Hello? Mum?"I asked, sounding panicked.

"Yes, yes what is it sweetheart?" She answered in the same tone of voice.

I opened my mouth to start my burning question of what the hell was going on, by I stopped. I would wait until she got home, so we could have an mature and adult conversation about it.

"No nothing. Just the phone made me jump." I gave a little giggle to calm her nerves.

"Oh good." She sighed in relief. "So nothing's happened? No one else has rung or come up to the house?"

All the manic questions were starting to make sense. "No mum. Nothing. Well," I began. I heard her take in a small gasp as she was hanging on my every word. "Alan Sugar just fired someone and they started to fight back! Of course it's a repeat." I heard her sigh on relief again.

"Good. Well I'll call back in an hour. Love you." She put the phone down so quickly that I couldn't reply with a similar answer. I whispered the words back, and waited for the next phone call.


She phoned again two times and I started to prepare my self on what I was going to say. I looked at the clock and read eleven fourty-five. The blackness outside look so deep and thick, like someone could get lost in it so easily.

I turned off the TV and thought. Then I heard the front door key turn in the lock and the door be pushed open.

"Hello, sweetheart." She yelled from the hallway. I had better just get it over with, but must always stay calm. I stepped into the hallway with the note in my hand.

She stared at me, a tearful expression on her face. " I can explain." She whispered. She made it sound so incredibly simple, like it was some sort of thing you could just toss away.

"Tell me then." I sounded more angry than I was.

"On Monday, you know when I came back from work you had gone to bed? Well when I came home there was a note on the door mat. I read it and probably felt the same way you do now.

  "Well anyway, I came to the conclusion it was just kids messing about, you know. Some boys who have seen us around and wanted a laugh." She had a pleading smile, wanting me to believe her.

"Do you really expect me to believe that? Our lives could be in danger and you don't even tell me about it for what, 4 days?" I was shouting now. So much for mature adult conversation. "You were so selfish."

" Please, don't go to the police about this. It's not worth it." She stepped closer to me now and was looking angry. "They don't need the hassle of this little note. We can take care of ourselves thank you very much."

"But what if -"


I didn't bother to argue anymore. It would have been to upsetting.

The End

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