An Explanation

As I thought of this moment in the dark, damp place I was the last few days flashed before my eyes...

As my mother walked away she pushed the piece of paper further into her pocket. I had to admit I had never seen her so frantic and well, protective. She always let me out of the house whenever I wanted and didn't really care when I came home. I suppose she did ask me when I came back where I had been but not in the way she had said it then.

I had to wait until she was going to work that evening before I could sneek into her bedroom. "Now, I've locked all the doors but left you a back door key, so if you need get out you can. But you must promise me Jenna, you can't sneek out. Please, please," she stressed. I nodded quickly, the fear seeping through to my eyes. "Good girl. I'll phone on every break."

Mum worked as a waitress at a restaurant in town, so she could be out until about eleven. She gave me a long kiss on my forehead and shuffled out the front door and locking it. I could hear her checking it several times. Then silence.

I waited for ten minutes just to make sure she had gone. My hands were shaking and I felt light headed. "This is stupid," I muttered to myself as I climbed the stairs. This is also my house and my buissness. Just take a few deep breaths.

I finally got to the top of the stairs, and was opposite mum's room. Step by step I drew closer to her small wardrobe. I could hear kids outside laughing and playing. I tried to focus on them as I looked for her stone wash jeans. It almost made me jump when I saw them, hanging neatly, almost waiting for me.

I folded out the paper very carefully, being careful not to add any evidence that I had been there. I read it.


Just cut it out, please. It's making me sick. The way you act as if you're real, she's real. It's all fake. Why can't you see?

I'm gonna make you see.

You can't protect her 24/7.


The End

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