I really don't know how but I managed to sleep for part of the night in the most uncomfortable position. My hands had gone numb from the ties around them and my mouth was stining from the dirty rag that had been thrust inside it.

I woke, and for the first five seconds I was comforted. Why? I wasn't dead, Rosaline was still alive (even if she was still crying her eyes out) and the men were not back yet. I turned over the Rosaline, she turned to me. I really did try to look understanding, but then I descovered that I didn't know how. Never once had I looked over to my best friend and comforted her.

She kept staring at me, with a look I've never seen in her eyes; fear, real fear. She could sometimes look a bit nervouse but never this terrified. I could see her forhead covered in beads of sweat and the cloth they had used to gag us, had also absorbed her tears.

Why did this upset me so much too? I wasn't feeling what she was feeling, so why was my feeling of comfort being drained away? She had looked away now, staring at her lap. I continued to stare at her. Rosaline wasn't just a dumb girl who needed my friendship, I needed hers too.

Suddenly there was a rattle from the back of the room. I only just noticed that there was space behind us, and a few metres at that. I started to hear very heavy breathing. So another person was with us. Rosaline and I were now stock still, frozen to our original positions.

 It coughed, and again, almost gagging. I looked over the Rosaline, who surprisingly wasn't crying, though I was about to. A large tear rolled down my cheek and into the cloth. Then I realised, would mum be home by now? Of course she would have, she can't stay at the supermarket bus stop forever. She must have come home. She must have seen that I wasn't there, and the mess I'd left with my dinner.

"H-help."A very rough voice came from the back of the shack. I recognised it, but not enough the identify it. I tried to speak, but my speach was very quiet and muffled.

"W-who's there?" It spoke again. I think it was a women's voice.

Then it clicked.


The End

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