I bolted to the gate, totally forgetting that my best friend was in there with an armed man. The other one was following me and would of course out run me. He never spoke. He strength was crushing my ribs as he carried me to the shack, always looking down and holding his gun to my head.

You know how it is when you think about this type of situation in your mind and what you would say, self defence and looking around for evidence later? That all goes. My first thought of course was 'am I going to live?'

We reached the dark room and sat me down in a wooden chair next to Rosaline. He tied my hands to the chair and put a dirty piece of cloth round my head. I looked over to Rosaline, tears streaming down her cheeks.

"No eye contact!" The man who had caught me slapped me hard round the face. It stung so badly my eyes watered. Then I realised I had tears running from my eyes and being absorbed into the cloth.

About one hour must have past before any one of them spoke again. It must be pitch black by now; we had no way of knowing. All the light source we had was a tiny light bulb screwed into the ceiling.

Both men stood in front of the door with us facing them, just watching... waiting. It was at this moment my mind started to wonder. I noticed the two mens appearances for the first time. One was very tall and had a bit of a belly. The other was smaller and very muscley around his arms and chest.

They were wearing balaclavas and t-shirts that were slightly muddy. Over that there was a black jacket, zipped up. They both look almost identically dressed, like this had been planned.

In the distance I heard the church bells. It must have been eleven by now. Then the smaller man spoke. It made me jump slightly after the silence.

"We're locking the door, so don't try anything funny." He smiled as he spoke. "You're not going anywhere."


The End

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