Summer's Night

To be honest, I didn't want to go. I just settled down and now something else is there to ruin my life. I wish my life would just be normal. Why does everything happen to me?

I finished my Sainbury's own brand macaroni type food with 'cheese' and through on an old pair of jeans and a top I'd bought in town about a month ago.

There was a knock at the door followed by a push of the doorbell, and another. As frantic as always.

"Come on. What if your mum comes back and sees us," she spoke so fast it was hard to understand. She pulled my arm and looked at her watch. Then I knew she was in a good mood because she did her cheesey voice-over man voice and said, "We must run." A huge warm grin spread across her face and we ran to the park.

It wasn't far, just a few roads from Hollywing Comprehensive, our school. We turned into Tallendown Road where the park was. We stopped running and came to a slow walk.

"I'm knackered." I gasped. She tried to make out a reply and failed, just spluttered over her pink flip flops. There was a soft summer breeze  coming from the east and the sun was just starting to set. I hoped mum wouldn't be back soon. It was such a nice evening.

We reached a bench next to an old shack that nobody went into or knew why it was there. We chatted for ages about school, teachers, doing weird inpressions of them, home.

"I really miss my mum when she's not there." Rosaline showed a side I'd never seen of her. She was sensitve and look like a complicated person. Her face turned serious. I'm not the type of person to pry so I just watched the remains of the sunlinght disappear.

We didn't talk for a while. There was now no light and was probably about night-thirty. Everyone had left and it was just us. Then my phone started to ring.It made us both jump. It was mum.

"Hello?" I braced myself.

I held the phone away from my ear as it was hurting slightly. She was yelling quite loud and we were giggling when a hand emerged from behind me and Rosaline. It snapped the phone shut. Rosaline gave out a little scream before another figure came from behind the shack. He picked he up and through her into the dark room.

The other one just stood there looking at me. I was paralized with fear.

"In." He said. I didn't move. "IN!" he shouted. Stupidly, I didn't move.

When he got out his gun, is when I ran.

The End

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