Start of Something

It read:


Left car in at the supermarket and accidentally took bus home.  Taken bus back into town to retrieve car.  Frozen macaroni cheese in the freezer.


I tore the pink sticky note into tiny fragments, hardly surprised.  Mum was always doing weird things like that these days.  I just hoped she'd remembered her fare. 

I left my bag on the stairs and wandered into the kitchen.  I decided that if mum could leave a bulky Range Rover at Sainsbury's then I could eat dinner at quarter to four.  Shivering as the icy air from the freezer wafted out, I pierced a few holes in the foil container and let the microwave do its work. 

Typically, I was just sitting down to a steaming plate of my favourite meal, the television on as loud as I wanted it to be, when the phone rang.  I was almost going to ignore it, but on the off-chance it might have been mum, picked it up. 


"Jenna!" Roasaline's voice shrieked down the line, and I had to hold the receiver a few centimetres from my ear.  "You'll never guess what?"

"You've chipped a nail?"  I muttered under my breath.  She heard, but thankfully, was too excited to care. 

"No, no, thank God.  I'm home alone!  Mum had to work late.  So, do you wanna sneak out down the park with me, meet some mates of mine?" 

And then I said the stupidest thing.  "I'm home alone too.  Mum left the car at the supermarket."

She screamed.  "Fab!  You're coming, then.  I'll come get you in ten minutes.  Be ready.  And bring something."


"Just something.  Bye bye."

I looked at the phone, bemused, unsure as to what had just happened.  Oh well, it looked like I was going out this evening.  And then, on reaching across the sofa to put the phone down, I knocked the plate with my elbow, and the plate of pasta fell face down on the carpet.  I swore loudly.  I really didn't need this right now. 

The End

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