Me, Myself and the Universe

Jenna Fielding is a normal girl with a normal life. But suddenly, her life is turned upside down by her and her friend Rosaline's kidnapping, which leads to dark events and secrets that should have been left alone. A sudden realisation of a fourteen year old girl that other people's feelings count, aswell as hers, and other people around her are affrected by it. A story everyone can relate to.

Here I was again. It happend every week. The same smells, sounds and people. I dodged through the ever lasting maze of taller poeple who I wouldn't dare to ask to move but always wanted to.

"Are you ok? You look like.. I dunno, weird". Rosaline was my best and dearest friend in the world but she is a bit thick. I go on every day about how I loath this moment and she hears it, I know. It never sinks in.

"It's just, why do we have to do this lesson anyway? What is Music good for? 'Oooh. I can play a ground bass on a keyboard!' Stick that on my CV and eat it." I enjoyed my rant. I like giving my opinion to other pepple, even if they don't enjoy it.

"Huh, your mum does that sometimes. I like your m..."

"Don't ever mention that again. I refuse to turn into my mother, and you know it." The worst moment of every young girls life: the moment she realises she is becoming like her mother. Ehhh.

The white corridoor made my eyes hurt with the gleam from the sun. Breath in, breath out, I thought. What was taking him so long anyway? Mr Reily was, I'm sure, in a past life was an insane rabbit with issues. He had constantly greasy, balding looks and never ever smiled. His irish twang would give him a sharp look on anyones standards.

He stepped out of the dark classroom and simply looked. Just looking at the twenty four 'children' as he said. He made a simple hand movement indicating we were to go into his classroom. Silently, of course, we shuffled to our places. One boy was chatting to his mate. Despite the tension surrounding my ears, I could hear some gasps and whispers behind me in the second row. (Oh yes. I have poll position for optimum salivia sample. The soak zone if you will.)

"Hush Boy! Or you parents will be down here before you can say double dotted minim!", the sound of his voice was emence. He tossed a book at his head, a bit too hard. Naturally, the boy's face was drained of blood and he was silent for the rest of the class.

"Now, get in your partners at your keyboard, not anyone elses for tat' matter." He spoke in a soft but sharp voice, but his stare was enough for anyone to turn sour against him. Mr Reily always wore the same type of outfit; long, dark green corduroy trousers and an ironed white shirt that never seemed to move when he did.

Rosaline tapped me on the shoulder and pointed to the clock. It was already ten too three! I don't know what he was doing before class but I don't care if we get to see less of him. All I wanted to do is get home.

I played on the keyboard, focused and already panicking about how I was going to perform for him in three minutes and twenty four seconds. (Oh Gosh. I was counting.) It was just all the pressure he put on us. 'You must do well child, or you will fail'. I hate people who are like that.

"TIME IS UP!" He yelled so loud I could hear him oh too well through my headphones. Rosaline gave a little giggle and chirped "I can't wait to perform." I hate her sometimes.

"Shut up! You'll ruin it for me." She looked hurt at my remark, but I didn't really care. I know it's callus, but that's just me. Just as the second pair were about to perform, the bell rung. We rushed in the crowd of people. Rosaline whipped past me and through the exit of the music block. Stupid girl, I thought. Probably got a little confused with all the lights and people. Bless.

I walked home with a smile on my face, not caring if Rosaline was ok or not.  She would always go off in a huff just because she was so sensitive.

As I approached my front door I pulled my key from my bag and twisted it in the lock to release the handle. I could already tell my mum had cleaned because that stale smell had gone from the hallway. That was when I saw the note on the bannister.

The End

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