Me, myself and Carrie Bradshaw.

It had been a long day, and a exciting day with it. My first day in my new job, in a new city, in a new country. New York.

I was so excited about the prospect of living the life, living the dream, envious of my friends that I have left behind, here in this fabulous city that never sleeps. Single white female, smart, sassy, young and full of hope it was a job offer too good to miss, even if it meant leaving behind the old me.

I was here reinvented, new and improve. I boarded the plane at Heathrow the same girl I had always been, shy, bright and nothing out of the ordinary. No different from every other twenty something living in a small town outside of London. Shopped at the same places, followed the same fashion trend, everybody all looking the same. This was going to be the start of the new me. Or at least I hoped so, as I sat in the hair salon, as they call it over here, having it cut n styled by the ever so lovely Alexia. Who looked as if she was dressed up for a night out rather than a day at work. And new clothes too, that was next on my list, a friend of a friend of a friend took me out shopping to all the best places. I blew more money on a few good outfits, more than the cost of living back home for a month. I had visions of me playing out the role of Carrie Bradshaw, with her unique fashion sense, style class and confidence. Just with a hint of wild Samantha, daring with the men, unattainable, lusty and suggestive. All the things that I am normal not!

Now with my new image I was going to work that air.

And boy, how the yanks just love my accent. It’s like, ‘ jee your from England?’. ‘Have you met the queen?’ They all presume this one, I just laughed, so many questions from them, and the cute guys are the best, so many smile’s and winks in one day. I’m sure to be the new most popular girl in town.

The End

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