Chapter 3| FightMature

With the thoughts swarming around my mind, I didn't get to realize soon enough that once Charles steps out that door... I'd be left alone with Georgia. 

It felt like hours once I was alone with Georgia. I was waiting for her to ambush me with questions, since we haven't seen much of each other for the past years. She honestly surprised me. 

She was so quiet that you can hear a coin drop, if only the machines weren't beeping so loud. I never took a glance at her. Not once. I just laid there, silent. Facing the other side of the room.

In reality it only took 10 minutes until Georgia started to talk. But in my world it felt like hours. "Sam, come on babe. Talk to me. If you won't, then at least face me." I didn't move from my spot, afraid of what might happen. 
"You know what, I took a last-minute flight to get here. Once I found out what happened I took off school. If I knew I was getting your silent treatment and seeing you with a boy would happen, I would've never came. Why didn't you -"
"Just shut up Georgia. Can't you see me? I'm freaking wounded and stuff but you won't give me a rest? Fuck off for a while. Stop being such a clingy girlfriend!" I said.

The moment those words came out of my mouth I regretted them. 

But knowing Georgia, there's nothing I can do to get that out of her system. She stood up, took one last glance at me and headed to the door.

The End

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