Chapter 2| GEORGIA! Why are you here?Mature

I woke up in a room. It stinks in here. It smells like antiseptics and disinfectants. I wonder where I am right now. I honestly cannot remember what had happened.  I want to open my eyes, but I can’t. My eyelids feel very heavy. And I feel very sleepy. I hope I’m out of this place when I wake up.

“Come on, Sam. You can do this. Please open your eyes!”Those were the words I heard, when I first woke up, but I didn’t open my eyes yet. I wanted to know who’s talking. The person kept on repeating those words, and I finally found out who he is. It’s Charles! I opened my eyes to know if it’s really him. And it was him! He was holding my hand! “Oh! Thank God! You finally opened your eyes! Don’t scare me like that ever again! Come on Sam, you know that you can talk to me when you have a problem”
I suddenly remembered everything that had happened.  And this is making me confused. I mean, why is he holding my hand? I thought he and Tanya are together? Suddenly a woman appeared!

“Sam!” Hearing my name from her, made me freeze. I, instantly recognized her! It’s Georgia, my ex-girlfriend. Well, at least she’s still my girlfriend, because I didn’t actually tell her that I’ll break up with her and something. But, what is she doing here?! I mean, how could I forget about her, if she’s here?!
Charles was still holding my hand when she came in, well she looked shocked, sad and kind of broken. I’m not really sure, I’m not good with reading expressions.

“Oh, hey. You must be Georgia. Well, Sam here actually keeps talking about you. You must be her best friend. I’m Charles, by the way.”Charles says.
“Oh, Yeah. I’m JUST her best friend! So, are you like her boyfriend?”Georgia asks.
“Oh! Georgia! You’re back so early! Oh, how I’ve missed you!”Georgia’s mom says.
“Hi Mom! I just heard about what happened to Sam here. That’s why I’m here!”Georgia replies.

Oh! Here we go again! Georgia is really making everything difficult for me! She’s making me feel guilty!

Charles left after getting a phone call from Tanya, he told me he’ll be back. I’m very confused with the situation, I mean, does he like me? Or Tanya? Why is LOVE so complicated? ‘Can’t it be easy like eating and drinking??

The End

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