Chapter 1| Love SucksMature

My alarm clock just rung! It was already 6:30 and I’m in a hurry to get to school! Which worries me, because I’m not supposed to hurry for school! I mean, I have NO friends there! Teachers keep scolding me! Lessons are boring! Then I thought of Charles! Yes! He has ALWAYS been the reason why I go to school! Without him, I could have left a long time ago or worse. I was halfway through the door when Georgia suddenly popped on my mind! Why did I think of her? You see, Georgia was my best friend! We were kind of together before.  When I mean together, I mean TOGETHER! As in, in a relationship. She`s bisexual and so was I. Which made us think of trying to be together. It frightened me to think of her! Because, through all my research, I thought that the whole school hated me for being bisexual!! That`s why I have tried my very best to forget about the bisexuality thing and Georgia.

I just got to school and on my way to my first period, which was French.  I was hoping for Charles to surprise me somewhere on the way to class, because that`s what he does to me every day! I was an inch to the door, when I thought of him! What made him stop his daily routine of surprising me? I suddenly tried to recall all the things I did with him. I mean, did I do something wrong? Is he mad at me right now? First period was over. He didn’t even attend it. He wasn’t marked as absent! I wanted to ask someone, anyone what happened to him? I mean, is he okay? I was on my way to second period. The classroom was located on the second floor, instead of using the elevator, I decided to use the stairs, because no one uses it anymore ever since the elevators were made in the school! On the way up, I saw two figures, a girl and a boy. I was about to scream with joy when I saw who the guy is, it was Charles! But I was so sad to see who the girl was, it was Tanya! You know, the popular-slash-cheerleading captain, the rich one who always throws parties and makes out with people! It saddened me to see them kissing!! I mean, how could have Charles done that to me? I thought we were going to live happily ever after. That we were going to be together?

I had to run. To run away from school. So that I could forget about him! He’s such a sick cunt! I hate him! Why didn’t he tell me?  But, I suddenly remembered of something better than running away. I could just kill myself! I ran to the girls’ bathroom. In my little purse, was a knife. I have always brought it, so that when I’m sad I could just “cut” my way out of it. My parents wouldn’t care, they suck too! They’ll just keep nagging! I first carved the words LOVE SUCKS on my arms. Then, I proceeded on stabbing myself. I think I managed 5 stabs then that’s when I felt the pain start to surge in. It hurts a lot, dying. I think it has been 2 hours and I’m still alive. How long does it take to stop the pain and die already?  I thought of Charles, my parents and the people who bullied me. I will haunt them, I think I’m about to die, ‘cause I’m starting to feel unconscious. Then I thought of Georgia. Oh Poor Georgia, she doesn’t know a thing! I wonder how much it’ll hurt her. Because when she left, I promised her we’ll be together forever. I guess, I’ll just visit her. I’m starting to breathe heavily, and my eyes are kind of droopy, the floor is full of blood. The stabs I made weren’t much of a help, I wish I could’ve stabbed myself some more. I wish I could’ve just stabbed myself in the heart!!  But, why didn’t I do it? Then everything became dark.

The End

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