I picked up the phone and dialed. Ring.... ring...

On the fourth ring a male voice answered, "Hello?"

My voice began to shake. It had been a short while since we had last spoke but I was nervous. I wasted no time getting to the reason I had called, "What would you think if I told you I could come down for a weekend? Would you pick me up from the airport? Could I stay with you?"

There was silence on the other end. This wasn't unusual but it still turned my stomach over as I waited. One minute... two had passed and the only sound I could hear was his breathing. I stood up and paced the floor of my room. 

"We'd start from the beginning; I don't want to assume anything... I just need arrangements made and we can go from there." I said into the silence.

More waiting. Finally his voice came, barely a whisper, "Really? You can come here?"

A smile broke through the worry that had taken root in my face. Relief rushed through me even though he hadn't yet agreed. "Yes. Thursday or Friday until Sunday."

"I'll see you at the airport then!"

I hung up the phone and nervous excitement sent me crashing into the chair at my desk. I'm really doing this.

The weeks leading up to my trip passed in a blur. We didn't talk again except for a few text messages to confirm time and location. My flight left mid afternoon on Thursday. I tried to sleep through it, but my nerves kept me awake. Arriving, I grabbed my one carry on bag and rushed off the plane. I walked through security and stopped, scanning the crowd. I spotted him and I stumbled over my feet. I blushed a deep red and my eyes fell to the floor. I could feel him watching me, a small smile tugging at the corners of his lips. Finally, only a few feet from him, I looked up. In two long strides he was beside me, wrapping me in a warm embrace. He picked me up and spun me around; a giggle of both joy and nervousness escaped my lips. 

After a few minutes, he picked up the bag I had dropped on the floor and offered me his arm. Without a word, I took it and he led me outside to his waiting car.

The End

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