Me and YouMature


Hi! My name is Samantha and I just turned 16 two weeks ago.  I have always been bullied, until I met Charles. He’s a nice guy, who defended me last week! It wasn’t just me who was surprised!  Everyone who heard it and saw/witnessed it were very surprised. I mean, who would even dare to defend little miss Samantha?! I don’t know why everyone hates me. It all started when my friend Georgia left.
Well, I gotta move on! Thanks to Charles, not much people are bullying me nowadays! He sits with me and talks to me like a normal person! He even walks with me sometimes!
Just to let you know, Charles is one of the popular guys in school! What puzzles me is, why is he suddenly being so close with me? Is he attracted to me? Did someone pay him to defend me or something? All of these questions, are starting to haunt me! But, I am sure of one thing! I am sure that I am falling for Charles!

The End

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