I was a tom-boy when I was younger, so naturaly that means I had boys for friends, I got on with them well and I still do I guess. But before October the forth 2011 I never really consider the idea that boys could consider me anything more than a friend, Josh changed things for me. I started dating him on a Tuesday and to put it lightly I was over the moon he had told me how long he’d liked me during the day and that night I called him with my best friend and asked him out, he sounded so happy, it was great. He was my first real relationship and it was nice, we had been good friends for a while so we got on great. I admit I didn’t treat him the way he deserved he was such a sweet guy and I wasn’t returning the kindness I dumped him after one night and told him that I had feelings for one of his best friends Bailey, that was true so god knows why I wanted to get back with josh the very same day. When me and Josh officially called it quits I had another guy asking me out in less than 24 hours I said yes and then I dumped him and started going out with Bailey (the guy I liked earlier) for the christmas holidays we were a couple, I go into more detail later. I then dated harry then Brian and then spike that is over the course of exactly a year. So to be honest boys scare me a bit now. Now that when I talk to a guy I can’t even think of them as just a guy they are now A BOY A POSSIBLE PERVERT OR BOYFRIEND and I feel bad that I always think that now. I cant even look at guys normally anymore and I hate that.
The End

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