Dark Girl, Light Girl

.I don't was this critiqued, this was written in the spur of one of my "low" moments.
I just wanted people to check it out, so I can know if I've been able to convey my feelings at least a little.
This was suggested by my doctor for when I'm depressed, but I don't think I've done it like I was supposed to.
Sorry for any typos I've got in there...

Her feet thundered on the wet, mossy floor of the Dead Wood Forest, the shadows lunged after her as she picked up her pace; her chest was heavy and her thighs ached in protest, her throat stung as the cold night air licked at it. Physically and mentally exhausted, she pushed her foot into the floor one last time before launching herself at the Daylight Portal just beyond a withered pine tree. Grabbing onto a white tendril, she heaved her body into the pool of bright light. 

The shadows flickered around the blinding orb, screaming silently at the escapee of their deadly clutches. A form shimmered into shape from several of the shadowy globs, it was a mirror of the girl who leapt through the portal. Her smoky eyes narrowed at the Light, her thin lips forming a hard line as she contemplated her next move. Unable to enter the Daylight, she clicked her fingers, and a black, whispy dress shrouded her short frame. Turning on a bare heel, the dark girl walked quickly in the opposite direction of the Daylight Portal. 

Back through the ball of glowing light, the girl had landed on a soft puff of cloud. She glanced down at the dark forest below the safety of the Sky Light Kingdom, sinking back into the cloud a loud breath of relief spilled out of her lungs. 

The girl, exactly alike in her mirror images appearance had short white hair and large black eyes which were set in a round face with a small mouth and nose. Her chubby frame and short height gave the perfect personification of an "innocent". 

This young girl was obsessed with keeping everybody around her happy, she would easily sacrifice her own happiness for another's, even if she longed for that thing herself. Smiling was her speciality, even when she felt sad, she knew that if she smiled and told herself and everyone else she was wonderfully happy; everyone else would be carefree and jovial themselves. 

Unlike her darker twin, who revelled in gluttony and was fixated by the image of what she considered beautiful. Everything she desired was to be hers, and everything she did not like would be destroyed and hidden away out of sight. In the dark girl's line of vision, there was only room for beautiful things. And surrounded by all she ever wanted and longed for, the dark girl went mad. 

The truth is, that these two girls used to be one. But that one girl was so confused, so disorientated by the two clashing personalities which battled for free reign over her emotions that she split her soul into two people -loosing her true self in the process. And the dark girl, seeing only foolishness in her innocent mirror attacked mercilessly; determined to gain control over the girl's soul. 

Whenever she entered the Dead Wood Forest, her body became littered with scabs and scars and scratches from the trees which attacked her, their razor sharp branches teasing her skin as she ran toward the place which she and the dark girl had been separated. 

But every time she tried to get close, she found herself being cornered by the shadows which lurked deep in the darkest corners of the dark girl's mind. 

Sighing again, the light girl picked a ball of fluffy white from the cloud she was lounging on top of. There must be away to fix the terrible rift between the pair, all she needed to do was to find it.

But no matter how hard she tried to solve this problem, she would just end up with the gashes sliced deep into her arms, and legs and stomach once again.

There was no escape from this endless cycle of pain and running away.

The only escape was the pain, and the running away. 

The End

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