Me and Annah

i wrote this story for school thats why i have certain words underlined they are vocabulary words well i hope u liked this story anyway.

 There i was yet again day dreaming. I was so happy! but then reality took control and my friend Annah was saying "Mase hello Mase". Then it struck me like lightnig strikes the ground, i was in algerbra nothing fantasy here.   

 See i have known Annah for ever we are practically sisters we are always together. We always have eachothers backs no matter what and this was one of those times. Out of the two of us though she was always the more realistic one and me i was always the falling on her face plummeting to the ground. I was also the one who wished life was like a fairytale but i knew it wasnt.

 One thing me and Annah had in common though was our ability to lurk around without being seen. Thats the way we liked it we didnt want to be noticed we liked blending in we would crawl along the flank of the school, we could egress out of my house so fast like it was no bodys bussiness. That was basically our reputation.

 So me always wishing life was a fantasy was basically true. Besides the fact of Annah and I being the "spys" in the school we always endeavored our work to keep our grades up. If someone ever picked on someone in our school and me and Annah saw we could be very vicious no matter who it was.

 Thats how we got to be us. To everyone we were very vague but thats the only way we could keep our friends safe. If anyone ever found out that we were spies the word would strewn fast. We would have to change schools, thats happened lets just say we ended up hoisting eachother out of very high windows.

 Thats just who we are methodically. Since im the one always fantasising thats why i decided to write this story.



The End

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