McKinley High School. Glee Club & Me.

I was bored, and tired of listening to Darren Criss and not doing anything, so I'm going to write a fan fic. =) Enjoy.


"But Jamieeeee!!!" I whined to my tenth, almost eleventh grade brother. "You must know a good high school I could go to! You compete in those competitions with the Warblers against every other school in Ohio!"

Here. Let me catch you up. My name is Robyn Keene. I'm an eighth grade girl who needs to find a high school, because it's getting closer and closer to september, and I need a good high school with an amazing arts program. My brother Jamie attends Dalton Academy. An ALL BOYS SCHOOL. Which is why I can't go there. 

My brother sighed impatiently. "Uh..." he shook his head. "What about McKinley? Blaine Anderson's boyfriend Kurt goes there, and they have a great show choir. They beat us at Sectionals last year." 

I kissed Jamie on the cheek. "Thank you!" Then I ran upstairs to search the web...


I took a deep breath. My first day at McKinley High. 

I stepped up the front steps and walked in. Oh dear...

I walked in and right away, I was overwhelmed. 


The End

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