Mayne's KaleidoscopeMature

I glared at the three figures that stood before me.

Their amber golden eyes spat fire, their muscles vibrated with barely contained rage, if said rage was directed at me or the situation itself, I didn’t know. But what I do know is that right now I did not want to stand here in the middle of their circle just waiting for them to strike, nor did I want to become the focal point of their anger because I would rather not become a mere spec on the cold hard concrete floor beneath my feet. The reek of evil and something manure filled my senses, making me want to gag, but I wisely kept my mouth clamped shut and swallowed back the bile that had pooled inside my mouth.  I slowly slid my hand to my hip and caressed the Browning that rested there; gave me a small amount of comfort at just the simple touch of warm skin on cold metal.

A commotion sounded from outside the room that I currently stood in, I looked back to the three males and saw that they remained stoic and unmoving.

I slowly started to creep backwards, trying to avoid any unwanted attention.

But before I could even think to escape, hands grabbed from around the waist and I got hauled up against a very broad and male chest.

So much for being avoided…

“Where do you think you’re going?” The deep vice rumbled in my air.

Chills sprouted upon my skin, skating down my spine settling at the tips of my toes.

Things were about to get very, very bad…

The End

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